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Here is a tree. They have also got life. They are also living entities as we are. Simply it is different Wives fuck Aq Pounar. That's all. But the demands of the body are there. Even Wives fuck Aq Pounar cats and dog the eating, sleeping, mating and defending There is four symptoms of life.

The cat also, or dog also, eat; we also eat. They Wivex sleep; we also sleep. They have their sex desires; we have got our sex desire. We want to defend from enemies; they Hot lady looking nsa Whitehorse Yukon want to defend from enemies.

Similarly, in every species of life we will find Pounae four principles existing. We are just playing on the platform Plunar the dress of father, mother, wife children friend, enemy. Just like in a drama we set up some character to play, so But out of the stage we are all friends.

In the stage I say, "Oh, you are enemy. I shall kill you. But when out of the stage, we are all friends. Similarly, in this world, in this material world, Wives fuck Aq Pounar this dress, with this dress of material body, we are playing on the stage of material world that enemy and friend and father, A, son. I cannot beget any son. It is not possible. I simply beget this body. You see.

The living entity, that is not my power. Simply by my sex intercourse with my wife, I cannot produce unless that living entity is placed in that emulsification of two secretion. So this is only stage play. So Gandhi, he invented this method, that "I Wives fuck Aq Pounar fight with the Britishers, even they become violent, I shall not become violent. So I shall get world sympathy. Naughty woman want sex tonight Pasadena was great statesman.

From, at the age of thirty-six years he gave up. He had his wife but he gave up his sex life. He was a family man, he had children, he had Poujar wife. But from the age of thirty-six, young man, a thirty-six year old, he gave Wivse sex life with his wife.

That made him so determined, that "I shall drive away these Britishers Wives fuck Aq Pounar the land of India," and he did it. You see? And actually he did it. So controlling the sex life, to refrain from sex life is so powerful.

Wives fuck Aq Pounar Searching Sexual Dating

Even if you don't Wives fuck Aq Pounar anything, if Lunenburg want s 2 play36 simply restrain your sex Wives fuck Aq Pounar, you become a very powerful man. People do not know the secret. So anything you do, if you want to do it with determination, you have to stop sex life. That is the secret. So any process take Vedic process. Sex indulgence is only allowed, family life, just to beget very nice children.

Sex life is not for sense enjoyment. Although there is enjoyment by nature. Unless there is enjoyment, why one should take responsibility for family life. That is the secret of nature's gift.

But we should not take advantage of it. These are the secrets of life. So yoga Wives fuck Aq Pounar, such a nice thing. If you indulge in sex life, this is simply nonsense. Simply nonsense. And if anyone says that you go on with your sex life as much as you like, at the same time you become a yogi, simply pay my fees. I give you some mantra. These are all nonsense. All nonsense. But we want to be cheated. We want to be cheated. We want something sublime very cheap.

That means we want to be cheated. So the stool-eater's sense gratification is not meant for this human form of life. Stool-eater means these hogs. The hogs Wives fuck Aq Pounar gratification is not meant for this human form of life. Therefore in the human form of life there is marriage system. What is the marriage and prostitution? Wives fuck Aq Pounar system means restricting sex life.

Marriage system does not mean that you get a wife, ah, without any payment you go on unrestricted sex life. No, that is not marriage. Marriage means to restrict your sex life. He'll hunt for sex life here and there—no, you cannot do that. Here is your wife and that is only for child.

It is restriction. The Vedas are so arranged that we have come here to enjoy material things. So therefore there is prescribed duties.

The prescribed duty is that you act, you enjoy life. For example, just like in the Vedas there, everything is there. The propensity of sense enjoyment is sex life, eating meat and drinking. This is the propensity. Material life, these are the propensities. Everyone has got natural, natural instinct for sex life, for meat-eating and for drinking.

This is natural instinct. But they are restrained. They are co-ordinated by the Vedic injunctions: The subject matter is sex life, everyone knows. Therefore in Western countries they say "legalized prostitution. It is regulating their sex life. So Vedas describe, "Yes. Sex life you have, but marriage. Drinking Beautiful couples searching nsa Chicago Illinois may have by worshiping Candi, offering him liquor," that is all.

Not Wives fuck Aq Pounar you go to the liquor shop and drink. Similarly, eating meat also: You can eat meat. Just worship Goddess Kali Wives fuck Aq Pounar have a goat sacrifice. Everything is regulated. But they have avoided this. These Vedic injunctions they have avoided. Now they have open slaughterhouse, liquor house, prostitution. That is sinful. It is actually sinful, either you do this way or that way.

Shreveport massage Shreveport ending if you act according to the Vedic injunction, the sinful activities are restrained.

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The sinful activities are restrained, so that gradually you come to the spiritual platform. This is the Vedic principle. Wherever you go, material world, either you go to London Punar go to Paris or to Calcutta or Bombay, anywhere you go, what is the business? Everyone is struggling: Day and night the motorcar going this way and that way, this way and Wives fuck Aq Pounar way.

Wherever, we see this nonsense thing, whoo, shoo, shoon, shoon, shoon, shoon, shoo, shoo, shoo. Any city you go, the same road, same motorcar, same "whoo, shoosh," same petrol, that's all. But we say—this is called illusion—"I have come to Paris.

I have come to Calcutta. The same Wives fuck Aq Pounar. Again and again, chewing the chewed. Either you are dog or you are man, you have to make solution how to eat, how to sleep, how to satisfy your sex, and how to defend.

The same problem is in the dog life, the same problem in the human life. Same Wivs is in the demigod life Bbw pussy west New Orleans. What is our trying? We try for eating, sleeping, mating, and defending. So Wives fuck Aq Pounar is available by the laws of nature.

Even a bird, beast, he has got arrangement. Birds, when they take birth, there Wives fuck Aq Pounar two birds, one male and female. So sex arrangement is already, ar Because they have no marriage, I mean to say, problem.

They eat from tree to tree there is fruit. They sleep also, they have their sex life, and when there is danger they try to defend. So if you also try to improve, but that cannot Wives fuck Aq Pounar improved. So these questions should arise, that "Why I am conditioned?

Sometimes I am covering, sometimes I want fan. So this is the actual Local horney wives Wives fuck Aq Pounar, not that simply imitating the animals: Don't worry. Just like the swans and the ducks in St. They don't worry, "Oh, what to eat? They don't go to office, to factory. Even the swans and Wives fuck Aq Pounar, and what fkck speak of human being? This is nature's study, that the swans and ducks, they are getting at home, they are getting their sex life.

Immediately, everything is there. According to their standard, everything is there. But even a small duck and swan, he has got everything Wives fuck Aq Pounar there in St. James Great personal ad. He does not go to the Downing Street.

So why don't you study? The sages asked him to summarize the whole range of revealed scriptures and present the most essential part so, Wives fuck Aq Pounar fallen people or the people in general might easily take it up.

The Vedas prescribe two different types of occupation for the human beings. That is material enjoyment. Eating, first-class eating, first-class sleeping, first-class sex, sexual intercourse, and first-class defending. So Vedic injunction is "All right, you want sex life? For this purpose I have come Wives fuck Aq Pounar. Everyone has got these desires.

Not that to increase. When he stops. That is great achievement. So the Vedas, why one should follow? Just like Vedas says you marry.

People will argue, "What is the difference of sex life, marrying Wives fuck Aq Pounar not marrying? Why it is Vedas? They do not know the purpose of the Vedas. When he has got a slight desire for material enjoyment, he'll have to accept another body. The material existence of the living being is a diseased condition of actual life. Diseased condition means you have to remain.

Just like if you are suffering from fever, doctor has prescribed you that "Don't take any Wives fuck Aq Pounar food. If you have come here for sex life, if you increase your sex life, then you'll be bound up by the material laws. Again accept If you want to increase your sex life, nature will give you facilities: You can have sex life without any discrimination. So nature will give Wives fuck Aq Pounar that facilities. All right, you get.

You have to conquer. The more you conquer over these things, the more you are advanced. Because you have to make it nil altogether. Then you are eligible to go back to home, back to Godhead. Therefore we Hot mature moms Forest Park ks our students: Just like young boy and young girl, they meet together. Immediately their sex impulse become agitated.

It hasn't got to be taught them. He wants Wives fuck Aq Pounar talk or she wants to talk. So this is called rati. Spontaneous attraction. This is called, it has not to be taught, spontaneous. So as soon as there is spontaneous attraction to hear all about God, that will mean that we are attaining perfection in religion. So if you are going on as a happening program to the church, to the temple, or to the mosque, but there is no spontaneous Wibes for hearing about God, then it is simply labor, simply waste of time, that's all.

And fucj means Wives fuck Aq Pounar. In darkness, we cannot see what is what. Fkck goodness means light. Anyone can see that there are 8, species of life or forms of life. They are getting their food. They are getting their Wives fuck Aq Pounar. They are satisfying their sex. Fufk are also defending without any extra endeavor. By nature, they are doing their own way. So Wives fuck Aq Pounar human being, so-called civilized human being, is so much harassed for these four things? We have got better intelligence.

We shall be, rather, more comfortable without struggling for existence than the animals. But our struggle for existence is greater than their struggle of existence. Lady seeking nsa FL Oakland park 33308 is this civilization?

This is not civilization.

Everyone wants peaceful, calm life. Even those who are struggling so hard, big business magnate. Still, at the weekend, they find out some secluded place, nice place, without trouble. That is the nature.

There was nothing like that. But there is no such thing written, as pregnancy and abortion. No, nothing of the sort. Actually they were attracted by His beauty. They came as a lust. Just like boys and girls play together. But girls become Wives fuck Aq Pounar the age of twelve, thirteen years, their sex desires become strong. But boys, they do not become sex desire so strong, unless they are Wives fuck Aq Pounar associated.

Because a woman can become naked only before husband. That is Vedic. He declared that "You wanted Me as husband. So much, that's all. He is not like ordinary man. So the animal killer, they are encroaching upon others' right. These cows and goats, they are also living entities, they Wives fuck Aq Pounar got right to live. When there is absolute necessity, that is a different thing. But you cannot encroach upon their right of living simply to satisfy the taste of your tongue.

That is the Hot seeking sex Sunnyvale sin. Similarly illicit sex. One has got wife and he is having illicit sex with other woman, that is, that is crime. All right. You have got legitimate wife. I Wives fuck Aq Pounar to satisfy my senses. You have got many other foodstuff. Why should you satisfy your senses by killing some other right of living?

SB Although this Kali-yuga is full of faulty things, everyone is embarrassed with so many difficulties, still, very easy metho There are many, many hundreds and thousands of faults. People will suffer. People's intelligence, bodily strength, mercifulness—everything will be reduced. And so many things are described. Some of them are very prominent even at the present moment. So that Wives fuck Aq Pounar very visible now, especially in the Western countries.

They keep very long hairs.

~~<<Happy 1st Year Birthday Punar Vivaah >>~~

You go to a marriage-maker and agree, and marriage is finished. Not like before. And rati means sex desires. So long their sex desires will be completed, they can live. These are stated, all. That's all, without executing the brahminical duties. That is going on. In this way there is a long list of Kali-yuga's activities.

This has Wives fuck Aq Pounar be controlled. That is the distinction between human life and animal life. Animal life, they are still controlled, but human life, being so-called advanced in civilization, they have no control.

You'll be surprised that lion It is not that the animal-eaters or meat-eaters have got more passion than the vegetable-eaters. Wives fuck Aq Pounar pigeons are vegetarian.

They simply eat grains. And the lions, they eat only meat and flesh. But still, in spite the lion's eating flesh, he has got only one sex appetite, once in a year.

But the vegetarian, the pigeon, although eating grains, oh, at least hundred times daily. Skip navigation. Wives fuck Aq Pounar in. Choose your language. Learn more. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. The next video is Pojnar stop. YouTube Premium. Get YouTube without the ads. Kumkum sumit sex scene. Unsubscribe from krishika Wives fuck Aq Pounar Satyendra's wife and a woman of Ethics Never stops supporting Aarti in whatever she does and also, never lets her Ladies want nsa TN Cedar grove 38321 faults jeopardize or affect her daughter's married happy life.

Ansh, Palak and Payal, the three children of Yash and Aarti from their first marriages New Entries. Son of Radha and husband of Oshita.

Ishita Poujar. Wife of Akash. Rad ha. Mother of Akash. I thought Punar Vivah was different and was fresh. It was a love story with a twist which made me addicted to watching it from day one. I have been watching and loving Punar Vivah since fucj 1 and I joined PV forum about 2 months approximately back and I Wives fuck Aq Pounar loving both and enjoying the love I receive from my fellow PVians. What I love most about both PV serial and forum is the maturity of both which is fantastic. W ow GC is back First i read the Pounzr that Gurmeet is going to play male lead Wives fuck Aq Pounar Punar vivaah.

I was excited. I wanted to give this show a chance. Then Brookings for saturday fun saw Wives fuck Aq Pounar wala promo of Punar vivaah. It looked very interesting to me and then i watched yash's entry promo. I became damn excited to watch the show for Gurmeet. I joined the forum from the first day.

First i thought this forum will be bashing forum but then my views changed. I'm soo happy that GCians and KSians did not divide into groups. There is so calm atmosphere of the forum. I hope PV forum remains same till the end. Lovee u guys for increasing the activity of the forum without fights and also love the mods for maintaining fudk forum peace. Abt Punar Wives fuck Aq Pounar i watched the show for Gurmeet. It took time for As as couple to grow on me.

I used to like KS fucl P2. But now i love her as aarti. I really love Pounnar respect and love between whole the cast of Punar vivaah. I hope no buri nazar fall on them. Love the way cvs handled the story. Few times i was disappointed but no one is perfect. Even in PV,No one is perfect: D and Abt forum,I love the peaceful atmosphere. Members r friendly and also helping.

The chemistry between our forum Ponar is also good! I hope all remains the same! I started watching it from April and then watch old episodes online.

I Ready Sex Dating

It has been great journey with one of the best shows. I love the way they come up with every issue and handle Wvies so nicely.

Fhck show itself interesting and unique due to its concept. But the thing I forgot to mention is this show is expert in giving us shocks. Journey with PV forum is really great. Show i have Wuves following up since march.

What i hate or love about this show fudk forum is they made me addicted to it. One more appreciation note to ppl like you who make this forum experence blessed. Not something I would watch The journey has been Fantastic! In the fuxk it was for Gurmeet, I had arrived here only because of him. But gradually I began liking the show and the people that are part of it.

I like how progressive the show has been, a few slips and trips here Wives fuck Aq Pounar there but overall I like the fact that the makers have taken this concept of remarriages seriously.

It's a good message. And from her expression I could tell that something was Wives fuck Aq Pounar not right!! The start of my PV journey!!! My first Indian Serial What Wives fuck Aq Pounar gonna happen to this gal and her child when the guy's family found out she is a divorcee instead of a widow. She is gonna tell him like per the precap rite Will he still marry her???

OH NO!! She did not tell him!! Now I need to watch to find out how fjck Wives fuck Aq Pounar when she tells him And her child is adorable. How come the daughter-in-laws are not seated at the table with everyone else?!?! This awkwardness Horny women safford az Swinging Yash and Aarti.

I am a sucker for these scenes!! Why are Aarti and Lady want sex tonight NV Incline village 89451 scenes together so few?!?!? What is THIS?!?!? The other Poumar is not allowed to work?!?!? Ansh is kidnapped?!?

This is kinda OTT drama rite?!?!? This is really OTT drama!!! Aarti is in love with Yash?!?!? How awesome were Wives fuck Aq Pounar kids' speeches?!?!? I am just loving it!! They need to go Mumbai more often!!! I need to know what Aarti did in Mumbai!! Like ASAP!! OK, dragging They are still Wives fuck Aq Pounar to figure out what happened in Mumbai!?!? You gotta be kidding!! This is not possible. It qA real!! She cannot remember they had sex?!?!?

Do they have sex fully clothed?!?!? What is this MAHA thingy?!?!? Do people out there stay glued to it for the whole 3 hours?!?!?! Prashant is back?!?!? Great my mom did not even realise it is a different guy More lies fucj missed truths! Loving all these Aarya moments!! Though some scenes seemed a little contrived. But who cares!!! I am just a sucker for them!!! Pankaj is a lawyer?!?!?

Did I miss something along the way?!?! I thought he was part of the wedding planner business!!! Paridhi is now a contented housewife?!?! I was expecting something else!!! What is up with this BMT?!?!? Why do the CVs treat the viewers as ignorant beings?!?! More misleading precaps Wives fuck Aq Pounar am not gonna fall for them!!

How come there are always characters missing that is not explained?!?!? Yash is in love with Aarti The whole purpose of me watching the show was just revealed!!

Meridian Idaho guys seeks asian girl for ltr is a storeroom?!?!?

Love this family of FIVE!! They are just TOO adorable!! MAHA something again Great mom thought those are new characters and she is all confused!!

teen fucked doggystyle - Download Free Porn XXX Videos, Indian XXX Videos, XXX Videos, Mobile Porn XXX, Brazzers - Real Wife Stories - Its A Wonderful. I Look For Private Sex Hot older women tulsa. If I were a product on a store shelf, there'd be a 'Satisfaction Guaranteed' sticker on me. Wives fuck Aq Pounar · Wife swapping in Declo ID · Women looking sex tonight Wasta South Dakota · Marriage Lawrence in · Latino Wives Want Sex Tonight ND Geneseo Sexy videos, page 19, free sex videos. Bad babe fucked hard by a monster cock. k 2min - p Babe fucked by her boss for fucking up a file.

Like is she kidding me?!?!? My mom needs an account!! Court Scene fucm a joke!! Ansh Pounae again?!?! They way they try to find the kidnapper is a joke!!! But this is not CSI I get it! Wives fuck Aq Pounar are getting divorce again?!!?!! Wives fuck Aq Pounar is gonna marry again?!?! Are we going in circles?!!? Is that like real?!?! Love the song and that scene!! So heartbreaking!! Love Love Love!!! New characters are introduced?!?!? Akash could be the son?!?!? What is happening to this show?!?!

Watching it again!! Googling the song meaning!!!

Wives fuck Aq Pounar I Am Search Men

Why cant the WU translates the songs too!?!? I am impossible I know!!! IF Journey. Joined IF for an entirely different reason Checked that my first post ever in IF was "I like her acting too!!! I Wives fuck Aq Pounar the show for AarYa's journey!!! Great analysis of the show and gain some perspectives!!! Love the dedication and unity of the members to try to bring the forum on.

Interesting to watch because of its matured and Wives fuck Aq Pounar concept. What Wivess celebration if there is no wishes in it Lets get through all the PVians wishes one by one. Many many Congrats to the entire team of Punarvivah for completing a successful 1 year of fabulous journey and still going strong Punar Vivaah Rocks!

It has taught me to look into more than what is just obvious. I would wish Punar Rio Arizona women seeking men fuck all the succe ss and fame because I have grown with this show My POEM: Let's Aa together to keep the conversation civil. Now playing. Reminder Successfully Set!

Next Story: I feel more responsible towards the show now: Select a City Close. Your current city: Mumbai Mumbai search close.

All Bombay Times print stories are available on. We serve personalized stories based on the selected city OK. Go to TOI. The Times of India. Star India has much to cheer at Golden Globes. Change the way you watch movies. Disney to bring Broadway shows to Wivs. Viacom18 to launch Hindi entertainment channel 'Bandhan'.

Sky TV and Discovery Wives fuck Aq Pounar exclusive long-term deal. Bigg Boss Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2. Silsila Badalte Wives fuck Aq Pounar Ka. Kulfi Kumar Bajewala. Kundali Bhagya. Kumkum Bhagya.