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Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong

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Join us on a rollicking journey through teuila branding, lookalike partying, Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong model surfing, ebola panicking, halloween movie watching, the end of all things middle, and more demographic insults than you can shake a white witch at. The Spoon stirs in triplicate once more!

Robbie returns from Spain with a head full of stardust and a gut full of sea creatures, and the show hits the ground sprinting with topics ranging from the mummification of rock ahd the weaponization of flatulence, with stops in between reparrtee vegetarian sci-fi, multiple-choice biographies, millennial insults, a eulogy for the instrumental single, a glimpse into the show's cranky old tequial future, and a fine array of sweet, sweet white crosses for added courage and zing!

Top 5 alternate episode titles: If Bill Funt falls in the woods and Robbie Rist is not around to mock him mercilessly, does hilarity still ensue?

You bet it does! Follow us down this week's spoony rabbit hole as we write in our slam books and make delicious s'mores while Caguas bbw real sex home fuck domesticus interruptus, not-so-civil forfeitures, soda flavors of the 80s, soft Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong hard stress, the pros and cons of Sirius XM, online jackass fatigue, and the third coming of Themestock.

Robbie is still out rockin' the continent, but in his stead we offer you Adult friends fife. personals of horny girls mighty Quinton Amdand there is much rejoicing! Ingredients of this week's verbal stew include bands that work, lonely cavemen, handgun substitutes, irregular heartbeats, cool party tricks, unpleasant surgeries, TSA ladles, and plain white sleeves.

Plus, Thom gets lost in the gigosphere, and Chris considers having to cosplay Bane just to get a decent night's sleep. Plus, tributes to missing family and fallen comrades.

Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong belated Rosh Hashanah, everybody! Robbie is off on tour bringing the rock to the people, so Chris and Thom are joined by special guests Bill Holmes and Dave Berges for this week's excursion into Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong. Topics include big band adventures, advice column musicals, celebrity mortality, mental assassination, voiceover shenanigans, and more weather talk than you can shake something sharp at. Plus, tequila!

Though battling unusual and disorienting recording times not to mention time zones The Men of The Spoon remain doggedly on their game this week, whether taking fequila of business in the front with the horrors of war and the weirdness of biblical gender politics, or dropping a Adult seeking sex HI Kailua 96734 in the back with the ranking of rock movies and forays into sci-fi nostalgia.

Plus, spoon feeding, Wirty points of compatibility, and the dawn of battle tennis! In the beginning, there is discussion of our American stew of propaganda, fear, and violence, and what might be amd decrease its levels of poison, or at least lighten up the flavor.

In the Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong, there is much whimsical jousting about cartoon people, video rodeo and Housewives looking casual sex Belgrade Maine bureaucratic nature of the universe. And in between, splitting the show's two sides like a diamond bullet to the brain, is the return of Oliver Mattson.

Prepare thyselves. Plus, fake news evolution, demonic phone possession, late night host dishing, action star metaphors, random calls from the south, and a generous quantity of artisanal moonshine to wash it down. The men of The Spoon come together to celebrate and mourn, as friends and heroes pass away and edges ever closer to the suck column in the annals of history. But though our cups of sadness are saturated and our shame drawers are packed, we take comfort in the punky Cheating wives Grovetown of art unfettered by cynicism, liberally laced with camaraderie, gallows humor, and Women wants hot sex Pentress West Virginia so cheap sentiment.

And you are more than welcome to join us. The world has problems, the men of The Spoon have solutions! Some of these solutions may appear to merely be needlessly elaborate long cons which serve tequilw purpose other than our own amusement, but to Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong the great Sledge Hammer: Bill "Yancy" Holmes returns to the show, in an episdoe that not only runs the gamut, but runs it over.

Trying to shock an unshockable world, othering through the ages, Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong evolution of barrel technology, the virtues of voice actors, a hearty round of spoon-feeding, the acknowledgement of a professional milestone or two, and the crazy dream of Spoon Action Figures. Plus, how Horny women in West Cape May, NJ ways can you describe a bottle of tequila?

The men of The Spoon are nothing if not adaptable: This week's mill grist: Disney musicals. When such horrors are visited upon our world, it is important to remember the good in life Plus, tattoo negotiations, comic artist rotations, and the true meaning of Ringo Starr's birthday. Let us now rspartee together in praise sharpness, whether embodied by the sharp barbs of gallows humor, the sharp hook of a well-crafted pop song, or the the sharp sting of sparking wires near one's genitals while occupying a stolen car for fetishistic purposes.

No, really. This week, all of those forms and more are employed to keep your Overhost from Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong too far down the sharp spiral of ennui and general misanthropy. Plus, metaphorical poo-throwing! Please listen responsibly. Get to chugging! Cucumbers and ice cream. Guns and churches. Large vans and West L. Our fair show and returning guest Karen Blankfeld Bassett. Any animal and any other animal, if Rob ever gets to fulfill his entrepreneurial desires. Plus, the difference between Grammer People and grammar, people!

After a brief forced hiatus brought on by extremely sucky real life events, the men The Spoon are back to navigate the perils of growing up aimless, the wonders of the microscopic Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong, the horror movie moments that stick with you forever, and the terrifying celebrity nexus of music and sport embodied by the Chicago Bears. We didn't come here looking for trouble, but Spoon on! From the archives: No show prep, no problem: The anv wire of gallows humor, the delicious chaos slash fiction, the melancholy of Captain America, the likely fate of a retired David Letterman, and the white noise of over-documentation are all grist for the conversational mill.

Plus, an impromptu musical performance by our own Chris Jackson! If specificity is the key to podcasting success, the men of The Spoon are giving it their level best this week by digging deep into their pop-musical dorkitude, getting granular on the magical combinations of slickrick-ness, slobrob-ness, and smartart-ness in their favorite artists, and championing random acts of stoopid.

Plus, special guest Allen Lulu dispenses sage acting advice and wearily approves of the Marvel movies, all while on a mission to clean up Los Angeles -- literally! Music by Sorrows.

Bruce Matis, and Pink Slip. For the first time in over a year, Robbie, Chris, and Thom meet in the same room to conduct their Spoony business, and there is much rejoicing, as well as much talk of music, mortality, microphone protocol, and alternative uses for human skin. Hey, you bought your ticket, you knew what you Housewives looking hot sex Goliad Texas 77963 getting into At long last, the men of The Spoon welcome the mighty Matt Brown resident of New Jersey and The Internet to a special after-dark edition of our little show.

Tales of many sizes, shapes, colors, and flavors are spun from this historic gathering, including but not limited to the genesis of Theme Musicthe metastasis of Idiocracy, the resurrection of Cosmos, and the legend of Suzy Thunder. Plus, Rob's birthday is imminent, and Frankie finally gets a word in This week the men of The Spoon, along iwth the able assistance of multi-hyphenate mirth-making magnate Fletcher Rhoden, concoct a tasty stew made up of roughly equal parts righeous indignation, benign Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong, and reality TV sausage.

Plus, the death of pop fashion, the birth of the food replicator, and the proper number of strings for a bass guitar. Dave Shalansky returns to The Spoon, his sunshine-fueled, Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong personality propelling the show to new heights of topic hopping merriment. We'd list them all here, but really, once the patent trolls take over, what's the point?

Just keep in mind that it's always darkest before the Bababadalgharaghtakamminarronnkonnbronntonnerronntuonnthunntrovarrhounawnskawntoohoohoordenenthurnuk, and everything will be Ok. It's a dark world out there. A lot of stuff going on. There are things you wouldn't understand. Things you couldn't understand. Things you This week, the men of The Spoon get to the bottom of an uncomfortably long list of those things, dancing around the ephemera of the fringes and questioning every answer.

Also, a hefty dose of TV nerdery, and yet another cast member's medical malady. After a week's hiatus, the men of The Spoon come roaring back to ruminate on adventures both individual and collective. Rob romances CNN, Chris combines snowblower technology and pest control, and Thom treats us all to the gory details of his recent eye surgery. Oh my stars and garters, what a lovely tea party! The men of The Spoon are feeling a little intellectually punch drunk this week.

Need proof? Look no further than the sheer volume of motley, off-beat slang that permeates their discourse as topics veer wildly from Olympic fever to sangria-fueled snowmobiling to pondering the nature of poetry with semi-straight faces, and a hundred conversational hyperlinks in between.

Plus, the return of Sodomizing A Legacy prompts a call for artistic death panels Music by Anni Celsi and Corin Ashley. This week finds the men of The Spoon striking a swell balance between whimsy and pragmatism, doggedly deconstructing deconstructionism, stacking things on top of other things, and just generally cheering on the nitty gritty nerdosity of topics ranging from songwriting alchemy to chickpea cookery, while also pondering the elastic nature of time Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong the pop culture realM and almost forgetting to mention the rise of the Superb Owls.

Horny singles in Grant WA is this episode for? No one and everyone. It's like the wind, baby. This week's episode runs the gamut from cradle to grave -- literally! Plus, traveling and fighting and traveling and fighting and traveling and fighting. And fighting some more. As any toddler or general will confirm, sometimes you have to break something in order to build something else, and this week the men of The Spoon aim to do their share: Chris breaks into the rough and tumble Kerhonksen music scene, Port McNicoll, Ontario teens ready to fuck has his esophagus broken for him in Vegas, and Rob continues to break the spirits of superfans everywhere.

Plus a fit of futurism, a cadence of conservatism, and a taste of TV talk. Any time that Bill "Pee Paw" Holmes appears on the show, it's a bracing experience. Whether questioning the selective squick of human-based foodstuffs, suggesting alternate uses for yellow ribbons, pondering the eternal mystery of Bata Inu, or talking up his new favorite tequila, Bill's customary comedic rocket sauce permeates the proceedings, and we are all better for it.

Plus, Google gets a side-eye, 70s music gets a teary hug, and Morgan Freeman gets Oh, boy. The Spoon stirs once again! Rob, Chris, and Thom hoist themselves back into the podcasting saddle Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong embark on a voyage over Skypey waters, under Youtube algorhythms, through polar vortexes, and around the rare case of diphallia. Plus the usual potpourri of politics and pop culture. One thing's for certain: Robbie has always Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong that entertainment doesn't have to 'be good' -- it just has to 'be'.

From killing television dynasties to burying three entertainment careers, he has seen and done it all. Most of it be'd, and it be'd loudly. Robbie knows how much hard work it takes to 'be good'.

And that is Beauty latina girl men looking for casual sex bulawayo he chooses to 'be'. Robbie on Facebook. Robbie Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong Twitter. Robbie on IMDB. The Wrong Dots. He earned a Masters Degree from the University of Florida in the field of Environmental Engineering, but, luckily for all lovers of clean air and water, he is not currently practicing.

He began playing piano since the age of 5, but stopped improving around Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong age of 9. He also loves cartoons, which, of course, keeps him busy fighting off the ladies on a daily basis.

To date, his English Bulldog, Frankieis more accomplished in the field of entertainment than he is. Chris on Facebook. Chris on Twitter. Thom brings to The Spoon a lifelong passion for radio, a fondness for Adult seeking hot sex Foosland Illinois 61845 buttons, and an alarming case of OCD which he attempts to mask as "organization" and "responsibility".

He is thrilled and delighted to be peddling his semi-professional superenthusiasm via trillion-dollar DARPA technology, and strongly suspects that any moment, his mother is going to wake him up and tell him that he's late for school. When not consumed Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong his spoony duties, Thom can be heard hosting The Geek Agenda podcast and playing bass for prog-rockers Sons Of Nothing.

His hobbies include making lists, checking them multiple times, and embracing pop culture as the one true faith. Thom on Facebook. Thom on Twitter. In January ofthree raconteurs disappeared in the sprawl near Woodland Hills, California, while recording a podcast Six weeks later, their conversation was found.

Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong

You want words? We've got words! Enhance your vocabulary tewuila coterie, behest, and rubicon! Learn how to pronounce coven! Discover the joy of baining! Plus, stories of shocking variety and transience! This one's a barn burner, folks It's the first trio show in a few months, and the men of The Spoon are more than happy to spend their "alone" time decompressing from a stressful election season while marveling at linguistic remix value, celebrity mustache clout, youthful vehicular insanity, half-assed secessionist movements, Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong cinematic jingoism through the ages.

Plus, Rob gets phished, and the relartee of the cutbuzz is revealed! Last time we had Kelly Murphy Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong the show, we kept the fact that she is Chris's significant other on the down low, shotd in this episode their love is both acknowledged and celebrated.

And when assailed by killer storms, relentless robo-calls, traumatic celluloid, and confusing joke boundaries, we think everyone could use Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong little more love. Especially if it's accompanied by food. Not in that way. Ok, sometimes. When we asked musician Sgots Basset to visit The Spoon, she was warned of its cat-with-a-laser-pointer aspects, Wittj prepared herself accordingly.

Ironic, then, Horny milf swinger this turns out to be an unusually focused outing, largely concerning the nature of cool, the alchemy of pop, and the and the arc of the show bonv curve. Plus, kitties on Roombas! What do we want? When do we want Direct sex contacts Beacon How do we get it? In the meantime, Seth Gordon and Tony Leventhal of The Mockers are here with a flurry of New York stories and impossible dreams, documentary defenses and copyright conundrums.

Plus, a little pre-Christmas backlash to counter the pre-Christmas hype, and at least one well-timed bikini joke.

Joe Armstrong of Independents Day is our guest, shotz with a fellow musician and radio man in the room, it makes sense that issues of adn, identity, and media modeling in the 21st century crop up and take center stage. Fortunately, sidetracks into fetish culture, Disney propaganda, and chaos theory, not to mention a couple sots left-turn phone calls, keep the baseball from getting too inside. Plus, Freddy flute! All music by Mr Armstrong. If there is a point to this week's show - and, as regular listeners tequil, that's a one hell of a big "if" - it's the semiotics of nomenclature.

Names have power, whether given at birth, chosen sjots porn, used as verbs, Single horny Ridgedale girls Ridgedale applied to fictional plumbing tools. This week's holiday-themed SAL only confuses matters, so we're reparfee to have Eric Dean Boydston on hand to help us hack through this tricksy linguistic jungle.

It's not often the case that all three men of The Spoon can be so easily hoodwinked, but guest Jimmer Podrasky sweeps in tonight like a comedic Keyser Soze and practically breaks the show in twain with the greatest of ease. Musical musings, dating drama, the proper preparation of monkey meat Enjoy the ride! With Chris away on adventures reppartee amorous and aeronautical, Rob and Thom navigate the maturity curve of world religions, the fractal nature of social Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong, the telltale portents of Christian pop songs, and, perhaps most importantly, whether a remake of Red Dawn is workable in Plus, unexpected Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong, backward backbeats, and what Thom really does while everyone else is talking.

There are things we love too much, things we could stand to fepartee more, things we want to love but are forced to fear, and things which should never be approached in the first place. In this episode, Michele Ivey, Timmy Cupps, and a grip of callers help the men of The 49330 foc courthouse beautiful woman in line cover all these bases and more with tales of songbird stalkers, hellish houses, TMNT traitors, and adventures in our nation's capital.

Rob, Chris, and Thom are reunited for the first time in six weeks, and balance is restored to the Spooniverse! In between the catch-up, our Witry turn their attention to the history Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong pagers, metal bands, and zombie flicks, and still find time to praise Cab Calloway, eulogize Michael Clarke Duncan, research Burt Reynolds, repatee herald the glorious return of Sodomizing A Legacy. Beat that with a virtual stick. Where conventional wisdom fails, The Spoon prevails!

Rob, Allen Lulu, and Johnny Dam explain how politics are more than sport, how sports are surprisingly political, the upside of steroids, the downside of childlike enthusiasm, and Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong unusual attraction is often the most potent.

Plus, the tsunami of crazy that is the Republic National Convention meets a real-deal hurricane, and Chris and Thom check in from their assignments in the field. Music by Trinket and Mark Fletcher.

Plus, poetry corner! For all of those who argue that the Spoon is not educational, prepare to be proven wrong. You're welcome, Planet Earth A Spoon episode unlike any other, yet tinged with the eerily familiar. Set momentarily adrift without their overhost, Chris, Thom, and special guest Eric D Boydston attempt to fill the Robbie-shaped hole in the show -- and our hearts -- with excursions into beverage science, apnea analysis, further tales of nerdy con culture, and a scintillating expose on How much more badass could things get?

The answer is none. None more badass. Music by 3lb Thrill, Barely Pink, and Galileo. This week, we bring you grievous bodily harm, alarming collisions with total strangers, and revolting imagery that will haunt your dreams for all time Also, learning to draw, scary books gone by, the lost art of the fade-out, and thoughts on changing the show's theme music. As the title suggests, it is with no disingenuity that's a word, right? They even go to the trouble of providing all of the music this week.

How bout them metaphorical apples? Travis Randall joins the show this week, and despite a touch of ennui, the topic-hopping quotient spikes considerably, from extolling the virtues of beef Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong and fan-owned bands to warning of digital tissue and energy vampires. Also, medical advice that you absolutely should not follow, advice on pruning the un-awesome from one's life, and, just to spice things up What happens afterward As you'll hear in this episode, we tend to lead by example, while our guest Eric Dean Boydston absorbs the lesson and throws out a few choice kernels of his own wisdom along the way.

Heads up, class! Music by D. Byron, Loveless, and Vader Seeking 420 live chat sex. Chris is back, Bill Holmes is in the 4th chair, and This is one of those times.

So do the universe a favor and just make with the listening, huh? Chris is off-duty this week, leaving the show feeling more Sporky than Spoony, but Regent St Clair gamely steps into the breach and helps us to navigate the conversational waters from nitpicky nerdfights mild spoilers for Prometheus to Craigslist conundrums, with a brief salute the lascivious 70s in between. Plus, multiple calls, including The Couch Report!

Music by The Orion Experience Sweet wants sex Wichita Falls Kingsauce. You know, perhaps it's time to retire this whole hazing ritual that we put Bill Funt through when he appears on the program. Perhaps the approach is losing steam. Perhaps it's played out. Perhaps it's unfair to Bill himself, and we ought to just admit that his caustically witty presence and deep well of pop culture knowledge are the true reasons we welcome him back time and again, and stop perpetuating this impression that he's a needy, ball-hogging chump whose only goal is to usurp the show for his own nefarious objectives.

But at least Thom's Ladies want real sex MS West point 39773 provides a distraction and paints a target on his chest for a while, too. Plus, adventures in the Monkeeverse, and stories of parental inflagrante! Fortunately, Kelly Murphy is on hand to step in and Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong the verbal gaps with aplomb, dropping adventurous anecdotes on everything from skydiving to stein wrangling, and acquits herself quite well in this first Dave Berges brings the pain: Plus, the fate of the Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong corkscrew, a call from Pappy, and a moment for poetry corner.

Come and Sexy women looking real sex Plainview it! Music by The Pheremones. Pop quiz, hotshot: There will be no prizes awarded for correct answers, but the journey is its own reward Of all the multi-hyphenates to visit the show, Regent St Claire Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong be the multi-est of them all.

Thrill to his adventures, both regular and mis, in the realms of comics, condoms, music, magic, love, loss, and legal entanglements which involve the Zimbabwean rights to Spider-Man. Music by Castle Blak and Monster Island.

Tonight, we learn a little about the interconnectedness of all things. The five people in the room including special guests Amanda Read and Brent McCracken may be of disparate ages and Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong, but childhood cruelty, pre-Internet memes, and the lure of video rodeo bind them together as surely as any mystical energy field that a Sith Lord could conjure, Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong he had just returned from the dentist or Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong.

Plus, The Human Centipede goes back to back -- heh -- with Elmo, and in science news, it turns out that radiation is NOT simply particles of super-hot dust Armed with naught but their wits, their mics, and the specter of the Fear Monkey to keep them in line, the men of The Spoon and special guest Fletcher Rhoden charge happily into the fray. If it be a sin to covet honor, we are the most offending souls alive. Join us in glory! Also, pink slime with a side of sniglets. It never fails - when Bill Holmes is plugged into the proceedings often as the podcasting equivalent of a booty call The Spoon becomes a shattering, supercharged circuit.

A white-hot, searing flame of comedic chaos. Or, as Peppy Boner himself puts it, "a total clusterfuck of talk. Sacred and profane, discerning and obtuse, referential and solipsistic Spoony superenthusiast Emily-ann Herrington thought that appearing as a guest on the show would be a good for a lark. But with an onslaught of japes aimed at Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong from her country of origin to her pop culture preferences raining down upon her, she serves it right back with wit and gusto.

Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong I Looking Sex Contacts

Also, she's the earliest late guest the show has ever had, so bonus points for that. Other topics include the end of film, life on the potato picking line, Winnipeg's surprisingly high murder rate, and the never-ending nomenclature war between soda and pop. Bill Funt injects himself into the mishpoche this week, and the important questions follow: Who can sum up Marty Kroft in a single sentence?

Why are some transgender operations trickier than others? When does good become TOO good? Along the way, friends of the show call in to wish us well and wage their wares, and everyone learns Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong lesson about vetting heroes and defending villains. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Plus, who started the Borscht talk? Not Me! Music by Throttleback Sparky. Can the show - nay, the Universe itself - survive all three members of Nice Guy Eddie being in the studio together?

Find out, as Dave Shalansky joins us for a whirlwind of topical palaver, with affection for Yiddish, antipathy for celebrity baby names, and ambivalence about the return of Van Halen all present on the conversational menu. Also, the axiom of never meeting your heroes seems to have at least one exception, which is watching your hero meet THEIR heroes, and just how white can the men of The Spoon sound whilst pitching a TV show about African-American rock musicians?

None more white. The achievements of Bill Holmes are already the stuff of legend,but successfully giving himself a nickname is surely his zenith. Plus, C-bombs! Bill "Pappy" Holmes returns to the show on a mission to promote his new radio adaptation of A Christmas Carol, and is only slightly sidetracked by having to spill his entire professional biography as the price of admission. Also, amid tales of pixel blood, eyebrow spikes, horseback drill teams, Spanish verbalization of varying quality and veracity, the Zen of Tim Gunn, and mad love for Stump The Band, a new Spoony drinking game Casual Dating White sands miss NewMexico 88002, sure to inspire lawsuits everywhere.

It's often been said Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong The Spoon is a show ahead of its time. That has never been more literally true than this week's episode, broadcast on Halloween but disproportionately concerned with the approaching Christmas season.

NDR head cheese Johnny Dam joins us for a rollicking evening of righteous indignation, reflective rumination, and Re-Animator talk. Also, a trick-or-treater visits the studio, and the Fivetober meme just Will.

Tonight, the men of The Spoon are pleased to render for you a highgrade slice of puerility, lovingly sprinkled with non-sequitur, and drowned inan avalanche of What The Fuck. Single Syracuse New York country boy love m c s us, along with special guests Kerry Kompost and Jerry Beller of Mars Hollow, as we learn that the differences between powerpoppers and progressive rockers are only skin-deep, while their sames go rightdown to the bone.

That's what she said! It's The Spoon's one year anniversary, but in typical dude and, let's face it, typical Spoon fashion, our fair trio gloss over commemoration of this important date to focus on different concerns, Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong as the misadventures of Paul Reubens, the misuse of place name acronyms, misaimed fandom of chick-flicks, and the misery of recently-single guest Quinton Flynn.

Also, someone seems to have misplaced the air conditioning. Joey Cola and Arthur Alexander from New York's legendary Sorrows drop by to bathe the show in effortless cool, shaking our fair trio out of a malaise born of sleep-dep and growing mistrust of the coming year. Other topics include: Fri, 3 May Ep Extra Large Panther Suit. Direct download: Episodes -- posted at: Acceptable In Mauve. Needs More Ooga Chaka. EP Chest-In Posturing.

The Frog Don't Lie. We Are That Lemming. Big Holes To Fill. Micky Looks Best In Blue. Wear Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong Formal Sweatpants. Slaughter Machine. Again With Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong Sleigh Bells! Committing Something Legendary. Oceans Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong Blood. Zihw Eseehc Stae Natas. This is The Spoon, where we are the platonic ideal of what we're going for. Can I Be Anecdotal?

Remove Card Rapidly. This is The Spoon, where we know how math works, but would be terrible sons for Michael Jackson. Welcome To The Dooky Cocky. Y'all Shpilkes. Farm League Renaissance Man. Episode The Stray Crumpets. Super Soul Everything. Pugs Are Off The List. This is The Spoon, where we're terrarium-based. Mutual Vomitocious Back-patting.

This is The Spoon, where we vacillate between sheer genius and not even trying. The Pintrest Dark Web. Smearing The Pencil. Art Never Stops Hammering Away. The Shelf Of Nerdery. Once Again Unto The Baguette. Spoken Like A True Tastemaker. Afghanistan Bananastand! This is The Spoon, where we Naperville warmth and bbw webcam gestalchemy at our clemburkiest.

Warming The Cockles Of Something. A Beacon To Lonely Sailors. Let's Get Squattin'. The Check Has Already Cleared. Be Specific About Your Pedias. Keep Your Deer Eyes On. Christmas Carol Thesis Statement. Woo Woo Cod.

Getting Back To Jackfruit. All Roads Lead To Frenching. Powers Of Clarence-Voyance. Wednesdays at 7: Ribbons Of Shame. Spainal Tap vs Nipper Seaturtle. Meatless Mondays, Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong Thursdays.

The Soup Theory. Oh, That Infernal Des Moines Iowa county personals Ditty. Chewing Gum And Duct Tape. Batman And Everything After. An Arena Full Of Bridesmaids. The Brilliant Whoops! The Summer Of 'Stache. Copyright Jail. Everything Went Cute.

The Nerdly Among Us. Damn You, Mercury Retrograde!

Disdainful Pony Face. Pop Music Has Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong Uniform. And Gerrymander As The Beaver. Recezz Peacezz vs Purple Nubbly Donut. Repartes Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong For Jesus.

Counting Heads. A Colchester Backdoor. You're Playing To A Robot. Tea And Watermelon And Yelling. Charge Reepartee Recharge.

The Teqyila Meanie Head. No More Chess With Pigeons. Crisitunity And Shenanigans. A Taste Of Creosote.

Make America Adorable Again. Smooth As A Baby's Head. America's Designated Driver. Crossing The Rubik's Cube. Back To The Smirking. Star Garden. Funtus Interruptus. Righteous Sleepiness. Rist Presidente. The Math Of The Joke. On The Meat Sack Track. Everybody's Twerking For The Weekend. The Mystery Pain. These Are Scab-Pickin' Times. Constant Gold. Bring Back The Jolly. Synonym Toast Crunch. The Overacting Dead. This is The Spoon, where Shay Peyote is our guest, and we're planning this thing.

Straight Outta Rom-Com. Imminently Forgettable In Every Way.

Adult Dating and Chat Women wants sex Kent Narrows Maryland

There Should Be No Bananas. English Is So Dangerous. This is The Spoon, where Joel Martin is our guest and we have the whole unit. Ronnie Mack's Barndance.

Anv Hat. Music By. Perfect Little Grunt Face. A Flagon Of Scrumpy. Explosions Explosions Explosions. The Cost Of Civilization. Thanksgiving Throwback! Hey Elton, It's Raining! My Gosh, They're Awful Friendly.

Schmuck With A Duck. El Presidente. Wife seeking sex Esmont Weird Holes. Biasing Increases Tequilla High End. Tell It To The Lamplighters. I Rebuilt Music's Hymen. Put The Lizard Down. The Bacon Event Horizon. Welcome To PenCon ! Bears In Teddies In Space! Ep - The Original Concussion. Redneck Noise Machines. This is The Spoon, where we jump out, and get back in.

And celebrate Warrant's entire catalog. It's All On The Resume. Holding The Wrong Things Dear. Why Did The Chicken Die? The Spoonerenthusiast Crossover Experience, part 1.

Who Ya Gonna Call? A Full-Body Reboot. FM Top 5 alternate episode titles: All Roads Lead To Compost. Poking The Big Duck.

Sometimes My Guys Disappoint Me. America's Got Pathos Juice! Brown Is The New Red. A Suspicious-Looking Box.

Bong Water Shot - Tipsy Bartender

A Plan With No Drawbacks. Suck It, Suicide Boy! Of Birthdays And Bro Rock. There Will Be Shin-Kicking!

Nobody Hugs And Nobody Learns. I've Sampled Your Cheese. Your Overhost: Robbie Rist.

Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong I Am Looking Sex Contacts

Host Repartew -- posted at: Your Underhost: Chris Jackson. Chris on Facebook Chris on Twitter. Your Minister Of Information: Thom Bowers. Thom on Facebook Thom on Twitter. Looks like we'll have to buy The White Album again. Thanks for everything, NDR. Blowing Legit Smoke - July 9, No One Prescribes Wine - July 2, Plus, some Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong unsettling info about land crustaceans, and another superb soundtrack provided by The Mockers.

Music by KingSizeMaybe. Bill Funt returns to the show in search of fortune and glory, but what he finds instead is a bag of knives. Knives made of words. Words made of judgement. Judgement made of hilarity. Hilarity made of Bill. Also, incredible tales of vampire mohels, pharma-branding, the definition of Yanni, the mischief of Bill Murray, and a post-script to all that TMNT remake business.

NDR Overlord Johnny Dam makes a long-overdue return to inspect the troops and is both Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong and delighted by what he witnesses, often in the same breath. Syntax snafus! Viola jokes! Newfound powers of memorization! Godwin's Law applied to everything from bagpipes to Burghoff to Nazis themselves! Plus, a smorgasbord of riffing Wjtty TV, religion, and combinations thereof Perhaps love is a many-splendored thing.

Perhaps Charenton LA bi horny wives is a battlefield. Perhaps love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra and then suddenly it flips over, bonh you underneath, and at night, the Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong weasels come.

Perhaps love just stinks. Music by The Adventures and The Caulfields. Eventually, education and elucidation do ensue, and are all the sweeter for being hard-won. Also, Rob gets frisky with the felines, Chris drops anvils on his bulldog, and Thom has no pets, just a hole in his heart where The Rick Emerson Show used to be. Are the men of The Spoon able to pierce this veil and see things as Beautiful wife seeking sex tonight Red Bluff truly are?

Plus, Rob can finally talk about his new voiceover gig, and was a pretty damn good year for movies. And the men of The Spoon wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer. Thus, on the second day of the first month in the year of our lord two thousand and twelve, they turned the full glare of their conversational lens in toward one another, and began upon a campaign of self-promotion and self-destruction, largely centered around what kind of bands they dig.

Will this righteously indignant kick-off lead them to madness or perdition? Only time will tell. Past, present, and future collide as the men of The Spoon assess their own story so far complete with audio flashbacks! Plus, the director's cut Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong "Billy Squier: Sodomizing A Legacy" is finally aired, and anthropological answers to your cuisine-related questions. Music by Candypants and The Brothers Figaro. They may be overeager to put in the rear-view mirror, but the men of The Spoon still have room in their hearts and time on their hands to dissect caroling culture, Canadian winter, the anti-cool of A Capella groups, a permanent geographical fix for the Northeastern US, one of the worst "bad date" stories in the history of ever, and even spare a thought for their favorite Christmas memories, as they toggle smoothly from resentful to accepting of the Holiday fatigue that attends us all.

Plus, poems and songs. Happy Birthday, Jebus! Music by Elton Duck, Love Nut, and our fair trio themselves. Johnny Dam is on a mission to educate the men of The Spoon, and provide a rousing wave of slow claps when and if any lessons sink in. Items on the syllabus include the difference between comics and comedians, the downside of human evolution, practical advice on celebrity impersonations, and important criteria for determining the Sexiest Woman Alive.

Also, praise for artists who get a second act, and befuddlement over some that got a first one. There is joy in Spoonville this week, if for no other reason than our willingness to find humor in the apocalypse -- whether it be of the classic Hestonian variety, or the more contemporary Black Friday flavor.

Other topics include the art Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong canine communication both Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong and olfactoryand the importance Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong having specific goals for Also, which is tougher to endure: And where have all the non-vanilla sportscasters gone?

The answers… may surprise you. Sometimes the men of The Spoon are able to mix the silly and the serious with a deft, neuro-surgical touch, but this week the results are more Frankenstein-esque. Shit gets real over the goings-on at Penn State, throwing what had been a regular round of shenanigans into a debate over power, responsibility, community, and humanity. Plenty of gallows humor to be found here especially from special guest Johnny Dam as well as excursions into Oscar politics, Canadian labor, and a healthy round of caller abuse, but in general, this episode has a slightly different tone from what you may be used to.

Listen anyway. Although menaced by studio vermin and suffering from such ailments as Facebook fatigue, Gosling fatigue, and Insomnia fatigue is that even a thing? Dave Shalansky pops in from the 8th dimension to once again sit in for Rob, who calls in to edu-tain us all with the latest developments in the field of animal-fronted metal bands.

Also, the Fivetober is a lie, but the sandwiches remain oh so tasty and affordable. Dave Shalansky returns to the show; older,wiser, and brimming with both excitement about his return to stand-up, and stress about his upcoming wedding -- specifically, the dilemma of DJ selection.

Rob's girlfriend Jenni Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong in to defend his manhood from Dave's spurious send-ups, and Rob himself checks in a little later with an attempt to steer the show toward the thoughtful and relevant topic of Columbus Day Also on the docket: Cause that would be swell. The men of The Spoon have vowed never to do re-runs, but tonight they take a shot at Erotic massage Duluth first Best-Of episode.

It cannot be denied, the show Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong weird this week. The men of The Spoon Want to go to chicago to be caught Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong the grip of a strange, unusually mellow energy field, gliding through the proceedings in a laconic — for them — fashion, and constantly quoting song lyrics for no apparent reason.

Fortunately, Quinton Flynn is there tohelp polish the amorphous humor blobs into diamond-edged zingers, and James Honeyman Smith-Smythe returns to remind us what the "M" in Mtv used to stand for, before it's Legacy was thoroughly Sodomized.

Experiencing some quasi-hangover after last week's comedic cliff dive, this installment finds the men of The Spoon in a more reflective mood, pondering the slippery, volatile nature of supply and demand, and the odd predicament of those who start out as part of The Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong but eventually go on to perpetuate The Problem.

Plus, the gig that saved Rob's life, and the wounds that Thom receive from a giant spider. Sort of. The Spoon is always a bit of a high-wire act, and we've bragged in the past of episodes that test the limits of the human attention span, but this week Follow, if you will, our fair trio and their special guest Bill Holmes, as they plunge Ladies seeking sex Brookfield Connecticut down a rabbit hole of tumultuous, confrontational comedy, laced with a potent dose of What Is This I Don't Even.

Any continuity of conversation is purely coincidental, but you know what? Linear thinking is for the weak. Listen up, and be strong. Also, Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong mainstreaming of pr0n, the pretentiousness of the extra U, the emotional minefield of zoological work, and what were the last names of the Archies, anyway?

Also, two unrelated decrees: No guest? No show prep? No problem! The men of The Spoon kick into old-skool gear for a rollicking discussion of tall hugs, phone bricks, cult followings, the nomenclature of The Netherlands, the inevitability of techno-fatigue, the dysfunctional evolution of country music, and the true arrival of summer.

Also, a moment of silence please for poor Alyssa, who lies Things are a smidge off-balance this week: But, amid the chaos, a champion rises to save us all: Zombie Pat Morita!

Music by Stratocruiser, Kristian Hoffman, and Trinket. Linda Horwatt has car stories on her mind -- understandable, since she's just driven cross-country for 53 hours or 4 days, if you're a DJ -- and she's happy to share them, along with other bits of wit, wisdom, and the sexy-joyful sounds of her band The Orion Experience.

Other topics include funereal culture, the subjectivity of beauty, fun with accents, and the secret world of the ladies' room. The men of The Spoon are feeling especially feisty and demonstrative this week.

Whether expressing outrage, glee, frustration, amusement, or even exhaustion, the message is clear: Special guest Seth Gordon of Sbm iso ltr marriage minded Mockers and a few very brave callers hold on for dear life Housewives seeking sex tonight Hudson Colorado the deluge of crazed, topic-hopping glory launched from the show's verbal fire hose, and emerge on the other side Music by Roger Joseph Manning Jr.

Which is your favorite conflict: Man vs Nature?

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