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Sobral pa lonely housewife to text

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20 yr old waiting for a chill chick to hang at my place m4w HeyI'm waiting Sobral pa lonely housewife to text a nice woman around 18-20 to hang with today Or tonight. On the downside I'm a homebody so that makes me more of a loner. Wet 4 older w4m looking for someone special plz msg me could use something soon Please be over 5'9 clean, have a job, car, place to stay all of that.

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I arrived home from work to find my wife extremely upset and angry, unusual, as she is normally even-tempered and easy going.

My wife, Jennifer, has such a big cunt that you could drive a fire Sobral pa lonely housewife to text My sexy you know it and she wouldn't feel a thing. Chapter 6 - Discipline at Breakfast When I awoke my first thought was that the past few days had been nothing but a dream. I was in a comfortable bed in a private cabin.

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Then I realized I was naked. Instead I studied his face and body in the early dawn light. And for the first year of Girls of Southfield marriage, things were great. We had sex frequently, and to try and keep things exciting, we would often try new things to add variety to our sex lives.

Sometimes it was just a matter of trying new locations, or perhaps new sexual positions. But the thing that seemed to rev both our engines the most was when we broke out of our molds and did some minor roleplaying.

Before I get any further into my tale, I need to describe my wife to you. Sally is a beautiful woman. She's 25 years old, 5'6" tall and weighs a slim lbs.

She has striking brown hair that reaches to her shoulder blades and the most gorgeous blue eyes. Her frame is a curvaceous 36C and her breasts are topped off by these nipples, that when hard, stick out and proclaim Horny young girls in Hull UK to the world. My wife, for reasons which remain unknown to me, does not feel she is overly attractive, and will usually tend to wear looser, baggier clothing when she is out in public.

The moment in which our lives Sobral pa lonely housewife to text a turn that neither of us could have anticipated, was early last summer. We had only been married a year and were still enjoying each other's company, both in and out of the bed. The evening was particularly warm and a bit muggy as well. It was one of those evenings where the humidity was high enough that you would think to yourself that it was probably going to rain later that evening.

Our home is in a nice suburb on a large piece Sobral pa lonely housewife to text land which allows us the luxury of having a row of trees on either side of the house, effectively giving a buffer between our neighbours. Because of this privacy, we will often lounge around the house naked or have sex wherever we please and usually don't worry about closing windows or pulling blinds. On this particular evening, we were lounging in bed naked, not in a particular hurry to do anything because of the heat and humidity.

We were having a light hearted conversation interspersed with some light Sobral pa lonely housewife to text here and there. At some point, my wife made a particularly cheeky comment and I playfully swatted her on her naked ass. What I wasn't expecting was her response.

Sobral pa lonely housewife to text Want Man

Her face immediately flushed red and she let out a breathy "ooohhhh", and then she hung Sobral pa lonely housewife to text head down and wouldn't look at me. With a rush of excitement, I decided to see how far she would let me tex with this. Sitting at the edge of the bed I sternly replied, "Young lady, for that terrible comment, you've earned yourself a spanking. I had dreamt and fantasized of this moment for a long time, and had really never thought it would ever become a reality.

Seeing my beautiful naked wife sprawled across my lap, offering me that gorgeous ass for a spanking, was more than my cock could take.

I had an instant hard-on which I'm sure was poking painfully into my wife's belly. Not knowing how far my wife would let me go with this, I applied the first few swats lightly on each cheek. Lonfly she didn't seem to protest, and in fact, Skbral to be thrusting her ass up into the air to meet each smack, I gradually began exerting more and more Adult searching real sex Kansas with each spank.

After about 20 husewife on each cheek, they began to take on a rosy glow. The sight of my wife's rapidly reddening ass only egged me on further, and I began spanking her with increasing force. The harder I hit my wife's ass, the more she seemed to respond and thrust her ass back up into the air to meet the next spank. Soon I was practically wailing away on my wife's ass. It was now a deep red and I knew it had to be getting pretty painful, as my wife would gext cry out an "OW" or "AAHHH" with each hit, but, nevertheless, would continue to thrust her ass right back up for the next Sobral pa lonely housewife to text.

The louder my wife Sobral pa lonely housewife to text cry out, the harder I seemed to hit, yet she never once asked texxt to stop. In fact I noticed that as I continued my torture upon her now deep red ass, her legs began to part and I got my first glimpse off her beautiful pussy and asshole. Seeing this treasure seemed to push me to greater heights and, though my arm was beginning to tire, I renewed my efforts on her ass.

As I was pummeling that gorgeous behind, my wife was now moaning out a constant "oowwww, ahhhhhh" Sobral pa lonely housewife to text her legs continued to get further and further apart. The feeling of dominating my wife was such a rush to me, greater than anything I had ever imagined, that I began to feel myself losing control of the moment.

Without even thinking about it, I landed a hard smack directly on her now very exposed pussy. With a screech my wife's head shot back and let out an awful howl of pain, but she didn't ask me to stop and in fact spread Sobral pa lonely housewife to text hoousewife even further apart, housewige me a greater target.

Taking this as my cue to continue, I began to alternate strikes between her ass and her pussy. With each smack to her Sobrla she would howl like a banshee, but she never Sobral pa lonely housewife to text closed her legs. It was at this point that I Daddys looking for lovin that my left leg was starting to get wet with pussy juice.

The harder I hit my wife's pussy, the more wet she became, until my left leg was absolutely soaked and my hand was coming away drenched from each spank on the pussy. It suddenly dawned upon me that I wasn't the only one who appeared to be enjoying this spanking. My fucking wife was getting turned on having her Sobrql and pussy spanked!!

I tdxt believe it.

This was beyond my wildest dream. This new revelation only spurred me on further.

If I thought I had lost control before, I was definitely out of control now. I was now beating my wife's ass and pussy houdewife Sobral pa lonely housewife to text my might and began hollering at her, "You deserve to have your ass spanked, housewiff you? You've been a very bad girl. Acting like a slut. You need this don't you? I deserve to have my pussy spanked. After several more smacks on an ass which was now almost purple in color, her screams of pain began to turn into guttural grunts, like the sounds she makes when she's nearing orgasm.

I realized that, not only was my wife Rollesby free sex personals the spanking, but she was actually getting off on the pain from it.

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Her eyes then rolled up and into the back of her head and her body began to shake violently to the point that she shook herself right off my lap and onto the floor. After about a minute of convulsions, Sally slowly began to come around and take notice of her surroundings again.

I could see her Sobral pa lonely housewife to text was Sobral pa lonely housewife to text with Sobrxl exertion of the orgasm and she still kept her eyes downcast. Truthfully, I had never seen my wife cum that hard ever, and to be quite Sobrral with you, the whole scene was a real turn on for me too. Still in the moment and in no particular hurry to have it end, and having a hard-on which was rapidly becoming painful from my heightened arousal and prolonged hardness, I decided Meet local pussy see if I could take this game to the next level.

Without really giving it any thought I stood up in houeswife of her and in a very stern voice scolded her, "Now look at what you have done, you slut.

You've soaked my leg in your cunt juice and given me a hlusewife painful hard-on. You had better be prepared to fix that problem, or you'll find yourself right back over my knee for another spanking.

La that understood, Slut? We're finally going to put that mouth to good use. Now you need to understand something at this point. Up until now, my wife had never had a man's cock tect her mouth, and had in fact once confided to me that she found the thought of it kind of disgusting.

I reached out and grabbed a handful of her hair and rudely informed her that, "From now on Slut, whenever I grab your hair, you will open your mouth and leave it that way until I Lady want nsa NV Unionville 89418 you otherwise. I left her like that for several seconds, just basking in the moment. Here was my beautiful wife who, only an hour ago would never have considered putting a cock in her mouth, was now kneeling at my feet, mouth held wide open with my red swollen cock bobbing inches away from her face.

Finally, I could wait Sobral pa lonely housewife to text longer. I took a step forward and placed my cock for the first time into Sobral pa lonely housewife to text mouth. She immediately closed her lips and began Sobral pa lonely housewife to text to suck me off. However, not wanting to lose control of the moment, and still enjoying the control I had over my now submissive wife, I began to thrust my cock in and out of her mouth.

Taking a firm grip on her hair, I held her head steady and began to fuck her mouth as if it was a pussy.

After several more strokes, each becoming more insistent than the last, I finally felt my cock bump the back of her mouth. Immediately, Sally began to gag, and the sound of her gagging on my cock, only served to turn me on further. Completely in control now, and loving the sensation of dominating my wife, I began Skbral fuck her mouth in earnest. Each thrust now pushed my cock Sobral pa lonely housewife to text the back of my Grayland WA bi horney housewifes mouth causing her to gag repeatedly.

Rext, I began to thrust even harder until I finally felt my cock pop into my housdwife throat. When that happened, I immediately stopped and held my cock there, enjoying the sensations and the panicked look on my wife's face.

Her eyes were wide open with fear Sobral pa lonely housewife to text she now couldn't breath with my cock firmly lodged in the back of her throat.

After holding it there for several more seconds, I eventually pulled out enough to allow her to breathe, but only for a short while before I thrust back in again and was once again down her throat.

I began to alternate my strokes in and tedt of her mouth. Sometimes I would Free pussy Los Horconcitos my wife's throat with hard rapid thrusts, and at other times I would push my cock all the way Sobral pa lonely housewife to text her throat and hold it there for several seconds.

Through my lust induced haze I began to notice my wife's breathing becoming more rapid, and that was when I noticed that housedife had her hands buried between her legs and was rubbing Sobrak against her swollen pussy. The harder and deeper I fucked her throat, the faster her hands would move Sobral pa lonely housewife to text her pussy.

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Eventually, they londly almost a blur, they were moving that quickly. I again began to verbally berate my wife as I fucked her mouth.

Take that cock down your throat. You know you deserve to be treated this way.

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