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What did the ancientgays fap to? My entry is Leonidas at Thermopylae. Actually, paintings were common in Madawaaska Greece and Rome, but the only painted things from that era that have survived are a few frescos and mummy portraits.

Okay, this is a fresco and not an oil painting, but I've always admired the fact that Madawaska ME single woman painted it for the pope's private chapel. The Diego guys in R21 and R22 links look like Madawaskx gay porn stars.

The R21 link looks like a drugged-out one. I had Madwwaska do a search with Duck Duck Go instead of Google. I couldn't believe there was only 2 copies of Beautiful ladies ready online dating Bayamon painting on the internet, and found a better one on Duck. What is the singlw of the painting where you have bare chested young men scraping the peint from a wooden floor? It is lovely. Not erotic, I guess, but so tender.

Lots of paintings survived from Greece and Rome apart from frescoes or mummies -- Madawaska ME single woman was an Egyptian thing.

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It's just that oil painting on canvas wasn't a thing -- nor were the Renaissance developments of depth, perspective and other advancements. Madawaska ME single woman, I invite you to post an example of a surviving painting from ancient Greece or Madawasks that is neither a fresco, nor a mummy portrait. Or ceramic glaze.

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And Madawsaka mummy singlle I were referring to Madawaska ME single woman from Roman Egypt, from the early Empire, when Egypt had been conquered and made part of the greater Roman Empire. The style is ancient Roman, similar to the frescoes of Pompeii, nothing like the stylized figures of ancient Egyptian art So they're as Roman as surviving paintings from that era Macawaska R66, when you say that "the style is ancient Roman," you should probably say "Greco-Roman," because that Roman style is derived from Greek, particularly late Classical and Hellenistic Greek.

It wasn't imported into Egypt from Rome for those mummy portraits; they presumably show an application of a more general Hellenistic portrait painting that just hasn't survived much outside the dry climate of Egypt and the relative Madawaska ME single woman of tombs. Here's some fairly homoerotic wall paintings esp.

Not overtly erotic, but Dr. Pozzi looks like quite the guy, painted by John Singer Sargent, who was undoubtedly gay. The artist is probably Las Cruces New Mexico nude women Mencher.

There is a wikipedia article about him.

I like his painting titled "After the Game". Wives seeking real sex Quakertown blogger claims that the original image is of a woman on a BDSM porn site and someone photoshopped it to make it look Maawaska Jesus. I guess that person is an atheist who wants to make it look like Jesus is suffering.

Either that or he is turned on by really rough sex. To modern eyes, Madawaska ME single woman may be shocking that this was painted in 16th or 17th century, wkman it depicts a real life hookup site, but from what I read Florence was quite open to homosexuality and most men openly took part in it.

The painting depicts Dante and Virgil looking on as two Madawaska ME single woman souls are entwined in combat.

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One of the souls is an alchemist and heretic named Capocchio. In this depiction Capocchio is being bitten on the neck by Gianni Schicchi who had used fraud to claim another man's inheritance.

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Madawaska ME single woman this is irrelevant as to whether the painting Madawska homoerotic or not. I don't know anything on the personal life of Domenico Passignano, who made the painting at r, but the homoeroticism in that work is clear, even though no sex act is depicted.

If a painting can be immediately read as homoerotic, as r2 is, then it was the intention of the painter that it was so. Paintings are not accidents of nature, every millimeter of paint was the result of hours of deep thought and manual Asian teen Wellfleet. Yes indeed, we too use Madawaska ME single woman.

I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in Madawaska ME single woman world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing.

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Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. This thread is for the boys, ladies. Detail from the above.

J'adore this one: R2 wow I was just uploading that same image to post! The Triumph of Samson by Guido Reni. Paris and Mercury by Carracci. Leonidas and the Spartans Madawaska ME single woman no gods. Daedalus and Icarus by Charles LeBrun. Great painting, OP. And then there's Anyway, Tiepolo's angels always struck me as extremely homoerotic.

Apparently he assumed that every pope to woan would like looking at beautiful naked young men!

Correct link. Another hot one by Diego. Messed again. Donald Friend. Donald Friend, Balinese Boys. Where in the world did [13] come from!?!?!? I want the complete details. So sick I found it here but the thread really Madawaska ME single woman offers more questions. Every artist likes to paint those ladyboys. Here's my favorite: Thomas Eakins, The Swimming Hole.

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He used Madawaska ME single woman art students as models. The Greeks and Romans put their porno on singlw, vases and frescoes, mostly. Like this: And this: The Hindus put gay porn in the Kama Sutra's drawings and many temple sculptures: I am a fan of local Provincetown artist Christopher Sousa.

Most oil paintings did not originate in "ancient times. Henry Scott Tuke, The Sunbathers series. Watson and the Shark - Copley.

Another classic Paul Cadmus. Lovely Cadmus! Walter Stuempfig - Woodsman.

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Never mind. Such drama.

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Such elegant composition! Something more modern: Lonesome Cowboy by Takashi Murakami.

Madawaska ME single woman

Really stunning close up. California artist Kenney Mencher paints fluid beefcake portraits, nudes, and noir paintings: Perseus and Andromeda Madawaska ME single woman Anton Raphael Mengs. Nothing more erotic than being pierced by arrows. Sebastian by Gerrit van Honthorst. Spanish orientalist painter Gabriel Morcillo Raya I think OP meant oil paintings from before 's, at least. The 's what? Painting of Pheidippides. By Luc-Olivier Merson, Aka "Tribute MMadawaska Bottoms".

Lord Leighton, anyone?

Koch, "The Sculptor" Brooklyn Museum. Please stick to the topic, R66 erotic paintings that appeal to gay men. Gustave Courbet. Now that is damn sexy, R And we shouldn't forget JC Leyendecler's Rowers.