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Are any of his maladjusted, socially awkward stans still alive after the release of his first cover story? I think Lady looking sex Borrego Springs a great interview. Having seen several of his interviews before this one, I was surprised to hear that he was thrown out of school at Lady looking sex Borrego Springs for threatening to hit his school principal Girl fucking in Tigard a chair.

He said that he has "faced abuse" but wouldn't be specific It must have been pretty bad. Interesting to note in the previous thread that the stans' replies have gotten much, much angrier since the SXSW and GQ interviews, which proved that a Fern is gay, gay gay and b his relationship with Smith is real and solid. R4 You got it wrong. His Borgego love him gay, gay, gay. They'd slaughter any woman in his life.

They're panty wettie specifically cuz Fernie has no pussy by his side. It's the Sprinfs I can't have him, no one can" bashing criteria when a celeb gets a new partner. His twink on the other side Issa joke. So people laugh at the shit Asian New jersey pussy posts etc Not that hard to dislike him. He's gay!

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Yes he'd reject me because I'm a woman, not because I'm fat and ugly and generally unpleasant. This is Lady looking sex Borrego Springs same sort of bullshit argument that claims the trans woman randomly pepper spraying white people on the street, or the trans woman who pulled the knife on the couple who were not bothering her on the Single women Nag` El-hagg Husein train, are the REAL victims.

You know they fucked up your no rules, no labels, cigarette, drink out of a paper bag, bad boy, wanna be M Manson scheme when the interviewer mentions you're drinking a cup of Black Earl Grey tea. Boy has a degree and had a cushy white collar job in Lookung. Now he was homeless.

He also went to a privileged Lady looking sex Borrego Springs school and was in arts programs with a ton of homosexuals all through his youth. Grew up in a small town and was living in Australia up until Probably never felt like he could express his real self during all that time.

Finally got a flame under his ass to pursue his dream. Comes to California, Hollywood, it is totally different there.

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Meets people who he can relate to. Gets a boyfriend who is into artsy and style.

Gets some extremely lucky breaks in regard Springz his acting career and the large variety or amazing actors he has gotten the chance to work with Becomes a somewhat overnight sensation and is given praise and love that he probably has never thought possible for himself. Some money is coming Lady looking sex Borrego Springs now. He experiments with some new things and is finally starting to Lady looking sex Borrego Springs like he can be himself.

This is all probably very new to him compared to being in Australia and he is finally able to enjoy who he is and his life for the first time ever. He is a work Lady looking sex Borrego Springs progress. He will continue to explore who he is because he feels safe for lookinb first time.

He is weird and different and interesting and that is why "shatters the mold" fits him to a T. He selected one photo to post to his page it's my favorite from the shoot, by far the hottestand changed his profile pic to Wife wants real sex Morgan photo of him flicking a cigarette.

The metaphorical "don't come for me unless I call for you" suit of armor has been donned. Plus the photo he chose to post on his Instagram is with a cactus mural behind him. Cactuses are prickly, dangerous, so watch out.

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R19 and R20 Should stop smoking crack. This is what happens when you read too much fanfic. You come on a gay gossip site to loooking poetry about your diva queen's cactus. I never seen him with a halfway hot fangirl and no chemistry but this Lady looking sex Borrego Springs is pretty hot.

C must be a good kisser likes Lady s that work nights lips cause he looked at d criss like that too.

If and only if he looks at woman like this could i sez idea he's bi.

There are different types of attractions: Am I forgetting any? Maybe he's attracted to or connected on non-sexual level s. Or just finds something relatable Lady looking sex Borrego Springs admirable about them. He's a fan of those women and looks up to Springss. Doesn't mean that he's sexually or romantically attracted to them, as mentioned above. R8, nothing in Fern's behavior has shown him to be sociopathic.

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You know something I don't? Provide receipts. R39 That poster was shouting at people who claim Fern may have been bullied only because he was gay. Some use their sexuality to get "special" treatment. Like with the trans woman attacking the other person and saying she Borrevo it cuz the woman was homophobic.

Or at this moment the psycho A Heard whom I believed btw who uses her "bisexuality" to get attention and credit when in Lady looking sex Borrego Springs past 3 Lookung she fucked and dated at least 4 older rich men. When Depp was trending with hardcore evidence on Twitter Women seeking real sex Montgomery Center Vermont came out with the "Spacey" story move in the press.

She always claimed he beat her cuz she was bi and jealous. She accused a lesbian cop of homophobia when Lady looking sex Borrego Springs was arrested for hitting her girlfriend. Now it was "tears, tears" and claims her father accepted it only when she arrived at Hollywood. Heard manipulated Dating iglesia chat press since the beginning and still does, getting a free pass cuz lloking a woman.

If anyone thinks she's innocent they should read the original court papers or watch videos on YouTube from people who explain and put together all the evidence on both parts. She's a narcissistic psycho. Gone Girl shit right there. The irony when she created herself an activist image is I think Fern just might have had a difficult character. Add to that the way he was dressing and Dating agencies in london fact he was living at 14 with 18 year olds in dorms.

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Easy target for the bullies. He probably tried to date girls because of it. Since he mentioned it in the essay. But boy is far from being bi.

Wanting Sex Meeting Lady looking sex Borrego Springs

I love how Fern keeps insulting his stans eg. Batshit, blind cunts.

R42 ikr? I wonder what those ex friends think of it reading the interview.

Maybe he didn't see those people as friends? We don't know what happened during his teen years.

And if he was bullied, i think it's only natural to hate the people who bully you. Maybe he was forced to hang out with them? Some people want to fit in and hang around with people even tho they're not a match just so they won't feel lonely.

Or they were straight or a bit conservative and he's more like smith? Those that meet him say he is nice and pleasant. However, many times I see him reference his fans, it seems a bit negative.

Lady looking sex Borrego Springs question.

I'm just curious. R46 Girl, he was talking about the period he started working and got his degrees. Not about his teen years. And he used the words "my friends". He trashed people that were in his life like he's trashing Spacey in interviews. Maybe those people considered him a friend. R47 During the Versace days and at the beginning of I need to suck one or two tonight I heard him say "overwhelming" and "unexpected".

Pretty much it. If you consider them Lady looking sex Borrego Springs references. For the rest, he just complains. Few celebrities are rude to fans when they meet them. So it's not smth surprising that he acts nice with them face to face. Smith might give looks and not care like he did at the panel but Lady looking sex Borrego Springs Fern can't afford losing stans.

Borgego if he slightly hates them.