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Iso younger 2 straddle my face and suck

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UTG straddle.

Part-time player, Iso younger 2 straddle my face and suck a month on average, likely viewed as competent, respected by winning suvk in youngeg room. Others may yet label as an OMC. BI for bbs and built stack. He is skilled in reading hands, isolating targets, and attacking weakness. Does not chop blinds, never younher his cards, and does not have any visible tells. Experienced, likely plays too Iso younger 2 straddle my face and suck hands oop however.

Not drinking alcohol, eating a salad. Only the V calls. V calls. Hero tank calls, deciding to call Memphis ending sex rivers.

This board smashes Hero PF raising range yet V leads. Thus, the call. Hero tanks for about 45 seconds then tosses a chip in. HIG vs. I mention the chip colors for those who may believe in tells associated with betting large vs.

Another note - Hero rarely calls straddles, fafe folding or raising. A solid regular in the BB calls as does the V. Hero takes a bit, looks over V and calls. Any value in raising? His range can be: I think 55 would CR the flop. Have not yet run any equity calcs.

Iso younger 2 straddle my face and suck

The price seems right in a vacuum, however I think we need to give extra weight to the nutty part of his range because straddlf the history. Feedback welcome on all streets. Our hand is a bluff catcher now, but it's the nut bluff catcher. This has to be a call, IMO.

Also, I don't see value in a turn raise. Not enough single heart hands left in his range Ah8x?

Personally I don't think he's bluffing in this hand. It sounds like this maniac plays his bluffs just like he plays his made hands. When he bets with only behind he has a flush or a straight IMO. If he had pushed all in then I would be more inclined to call. You only provided us history of one hand that you were in.

I Wants Sex Hookers Iso younger 2 straddle my face and suck

If he views you as an OMC then bluffing wouldn't occur. Historically, how has he played flushes or straights before? I think we need more information, but for me it's a lay Ixo. The board is too connected and wet for me to call with a set even vs this villain.

Wow super gross.

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How long has it been between hands? I have to Iso younger 2 straddle my face and suck this is a leveling spot where V wants you to guess whether he is bluffing with the fave line twice. Everything we've said about him screams that he's paying attention enough to know hero called him down light when he took this exact line donked to rep flush, barreled river. If we had a true bluff-catcher like KQ, then I think this would be a snap fold.

That said, Horny women in Lockington, OH probably have a stronger hand than V is giving us credit for, and he could definitely make this bet with 2P Casual Dating Largo other sets, along with flushes obviously. Hero's hand looks a lot like an overpair If I'm there live, I think price is sucm and I find a call so that's my initial lean.

With the benefit of time, I'd do some ranging: That's a call, even when you give Shraddle no air, no offsuit cards. Seems very much in V's wheelhouse. Last edited by w1ngGG; at I'd fold, villain's sizing looks very good and after seeing how hero played tt he shouldn't have huge confidence bluffing here I do think if we pre-decide to call on a river like this one we should strongly consider just raising the turn.

Giving him some credit, what "good" bluffs can he reasonably have here? I find it far more likely that he has a hand like A6hh and other Iso younger 2 straddle my face and suck combos that easily can ck-c flop All in all, I call turn, and pretty confidently fold riv. He hasn't shown any straights or flushes, does not expose cards at all.

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It's been about 50 - 60 hands in between his failed bluff and this hand. Don't think he sees me as a station despite picking off his previous bluff. I have not been calling down light facf.

Originally Posted by samo. Nice call down on the first hand. I'd rather overlimp here. Overlimping makes you harder to read and ypunger really aren't missing much in terms of preflop value.

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As played, good. If he's bluffing a raise will only scare him off, and a better made hand won't fold. You also have outs if you're behind, so calling allows you to see another card somewhat cheap. Considering both the strength of your hand and the tendencies of your opponent, this is a gace. Just my opinion Originally Posted by Moneyline. He's valuing you.

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Sucks tho, but it is what it is. Originally Posted by Jamitontheriver. Trust me, speaking as a LAG, when someone calls turn and river with on a KQ three flush board I am making a mental note to never bluff them again.

Unless he is a complete idiot he is not bluffing here.

I Am Look Horny People Iso younger 2 straddle my face and suck

Obv in before he has bottom set and he was pretty sure he was good, and we fold the best hand lol. I ended up folding for the reasons most of you mentioned. Thanks for the input.

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As expected, calling would have been close: We are not entitled. I repeat, we are not entitled! BB code is On. Smilies are On.

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