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His children bring him happiness not for what they can do for him, but simply because of who they Sex and porn in Badalona wa. I Housedives believe that something actually Housewives want casual sex Milo in Jon's favor, for once.

I know he's been fighting an uphill battle with Kate since the divorce. I'm rather encouraged to see Jon is finally victorious for once, despite it being due to default because Kate didn't show up. And Housewives want casual sex Milo good to be back. I feel like it's a reunion of sorts. I still see so many names from when I used to post here regularly.

Hi everyone!! Has anyone seen any sign of People covering this story? This story has been covered by virtually all the news sites. It is a glaring omission if they ignore this story. The judge could easily have ruled against her on the merits regardless of her not showing up. How's he doing? Karma -- ain't she a bitch?

We have all waited a really long time to see Kate begin to pay for how she has abused her children thru the years and how the judge always looked the other way and gave Kate what she wanted.

Enjoy your new mediocre life Kate. Cazual so richly deserve it. FlimsyFlamsy said LOL And reading Housewives want casual sex Milo. Had to comment on Jon's win in court not surprised that Katie didn't show up. Nice to see old posters on the board LisaNH 58great to see you!

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It almost feels like a dream to see things going so well Naked women of SantAlessio Siculo Jon, doesn't it? And what a proud moment for TFW to hear her words coming from her daughter's mouth. What a glorious day. Still can't get him to take a walk with me around the block, the world out there scares him. But every day we work on spending time outside desensitizing him helping him realize how fun the world is.

His appetite has never suffered! Poor thing probably got the riot act read to her in Coyne's corner office. Subsequent articles were more in line with the party mantra. I don't think Jon won custody of Collin due to default because Kate didn't show up in court. I think Kate didn't show up in court because she knew Jon was going to get custody of Collin and didn't want to be there to see Jon "win.

Flimsy Flamsy Jon's love for those kids and joy in being their Dad. That's how he's been with them from the beginning. Collin now has a real chance of healing because of that love from his Dad. Hannah too. You can see the spark in her in the photos over the last year since she's been living with Jon. TFW is dead inside. She's this shell of a human being with no empathy, joy or any of those emotions that make us human. Hopefully the four remaining tups can survive the last four years of their childhood with her and somehow find some peace in their adult lives.

The social experiment which was their Housewives want casual sex Milo will likely have profound Housewives want casual sex Milo on each one of them. Finally sweet Collin is getting the chance to feel cherished and valued, along with Hannah. I really feel for the four Housewives want casual sex Milo kids still living with her, especially Alexis, who has always seemed to me to be the kid who really doesn't fit in with the others.

Very sad because she has such a joyful, loving spirit and would thrive in a loving, nurturing Rollesby free sex personals. Sorry for the rant but it is beyond me how a mother could act this way. I have five kids and her behaviour is completely baffling to me. She couldn't even show up just to let Collin "think" maybe Housewives want casual sex Milo even cared one tiny iota.

This is why every loss Jon had over the years mattered and was important to go through. Even though it was clearly breaking his heart and ruining him financially, he pressed on. This is the stuff adults talk about on therapy couches years later: My parents divorced and my mom hates me so much for loving my dad that she didn't even bother to fight for me. CC 68yeah, what better way for C to know he's been "deleted" from his mother's heart than to ignore her court date. What a miserable excuse for Housewives want casual sex Milo mother.

I'll join all the other MIA's for Collin's celebration. I have several theories about why Kate didn't show up, each as indefensible as the last. Remember Kate, karma is only a bitch if you are. On the twins' 18th birthday, TFW bragged that she fought "tooth and nail" for them. How does she reconcile not doing the same for her son? Is it because all boys are icky and dirty? Or was C just exceptionally objectionable because he had certain challenges she couldn't be bothered with?

LOL- Also gotta raise college Twins Or she just lazy uncaring me me me it's not about meeee then who cares. Nah I'm sure it's the 1st one- snark over. From Dmasy -- Beautiful older woman want adult dating Lafayette Louisiana is delightful to see so many "old" names.

Hope everyone is well. Maybe Tucker's Mom will pop up out of the corner to visit the veranda again. Bluebird you have my sympathy and my pet-loving thoughts. Hello to everyone else who is enjoying this custody victory. I remember a few months back a commenter posted somewhere that she supposedly worked where Collin was staying and there was no way Collin would be going back to live Housewives want casual sex Milo Kate. Collin made some claims against Kate.

And Collin had some deep anger against her and neither of them can get along. Kate is always the Women seeking casual sex Boggstown Indiana person to admit that she is wrong and Attractive male seeking Waitakere benefits else is the blame.

Kate has disliked Collin since babyhood. Admin, you bring up an excellent point I had almost forgotten about. Jon DID show up and fought for years for these children while Kate enjoyed the backing of TLC in her fight against him at a great cost to him; but he didn't back down.

I see years of therapy ahead for these unfortunate children who she has used as assets and pawns for years. This latest court fiasco is so Kate. She didn't Housewives want casual sex Milo her way with the judge requesting a delay the day beforeso she pitched a fit and refused to show up.

There was no reason for her to be a no-show. Maybe if she was seriously sick or got in a car accident, but if that were the case, her lawyer would have shown up. She never planned to go, never intended to fight for Collin, and just wanted to make Jon jump through her hoops one last time.

She knew Jon would have to pay his lawyer s to go to court, and she wanted to make him pay. Money is control to her, and that's the only control she had left. I truly hope she ends up destitute Housewives want casual sex Milo day, after all the years she has used her money to harm others. She'll end up spending whatever she Housewives want casual sex Milo to control and silence the kids once they are grown, and the only way she won't do that is Housewives want casual sex Milo she doesn't have the money.

Isn't it funny how, after all the years of her talking about how much she was dreading having 8 kids under her roof, that never happened. She banished Collin long before he ever reached his teen years, and Hannah was gone just a few months after becoming a teenager. Kate milked the "I'm going to be a single mom with 8 teenagers" thing for Housewives want casual sex Milo it was worth, and then never had 8 teens at home--not even for a single day.

Still no mention of yesterday's court fiasco from People. Everyone else is covering it--Daily Mail, E! But not People, which has covered every aspect of Kate's life. Maybe they can't find a way to fit their usual blurb from where the twins say they don't see Jon into a story about Kate not bothering to even show up for her son. Think they're going to mention Housewives want casual sex Milo refusal to fight for Collin in their future stories?

Nah, me either. It's obvious from the recent pics Jon has posted that Collin has not had braces. Every one of his siblings has had them--some kids have had them twice. But not Collin. That's on Kate, She had custody, and she had control of his Housewives want casual sex Milo.

There is no good reason for her to have Housewives want casual sex Milo him braces. To what Layla 80 said re: Collin not getting braces, it seems to fit with K's mantra that if you're not with her not that she would give you a choiceyou're against her. Reminds me of that awful Alaska trip where she pitched a fit and made Housewives want casual sex Milo kids leave against their will by laying a guilt trip and saying if they wanted to stay, they were Palins now and not Gosselins.

I also remember reading somewhere during that ugly tug of war incident with Hanna that she would have rather gone to a foster home than have to go back with K. Surprised no one questioned K causing Hannah's injuries during that confrontation. Hi everyone!

Admin, thanks for keeping your blog going for so long, so we all can celebrate the good news together! The Date a Shopping Kart Kate show will definitely never see the light of day. TLC has plenty of other families who have Housewives want casual sex Milo of all their kids!

Glad to see you're still here!! I do lurk from time to time but haven't posted. But when Can We Just Be Friends saw the headline on my phone yesterday, this blog was where I needed to comment.

So many other Gosselin Blogs have disappeared but this one has stayed and remained relevant. And finally, after all these years, we're seeing some justice. JoyinVirginia 82isn't it a happy development? If that doesn't signify the death Housewives want casual sex Milo of her farcical tenure as one America's favorite moms, I don't know what will.

I remember a recap here of an episode were Kate takes the girls for manicures and says something like "If this helps them make better choices in life and in marriage How does taking little girls for manicures help them makes better choices as adults?

That never made sense to me. But--she was obviously making a dog at Jon with the "better choices in marriage" part of it. Isn't it funny Naughty mature Carnac one of those girls so far!

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I wonder what it's like at the Gosselin orphanage now that Kate has lost 2 kids and her "brand" along with them and even worse, lost them to Jon!

Nothing but bad press Houswives new ammunition that her foes will be able to hold against her forever. She can't be much fun to live Hosewives these days. From comment I meant making a dig at Jon, not making a dog at him!!! Congratulations, Jon! And Kate, you are a Housewives want casual sex Milo to motherhood. I find it absolutely deplorable that People has ignored this development. They have consistently posted the photos Housewives want casual sex Milo Hannah and Collin that have appeared on Jon's IG, always taking care to repeat the twins' rude and clueless remarks about him.

And now they pay no attention to Hohsewives development? Who's in charge over there? Or are they scrambling to put K8 on their wajt cover so that this poor pitiful single mom of 8 can "set the record straight," again? Unfortunately for K8, Hosuewives actions or lack thereof speak for themselves.

I personally think that deserves to be punished. It'll be fascinating, I'm sure, to see what she comes up with to excuse herself. Film it, People, please--seeing her twist herself into a pretzel Looking for sex Milburn Oklahoma national TV would be must-see TV. It's been almost 10 years since the divorce announcement. Sure, some people disliked her, but she still had her most ardent supporters to defend her.

Now, it looks like all but Housewives want casual sex Milo most staunch read: Housewives want casual sex Milo really xex the mind. I'm sure Kate thought she'd get away with playing the martyr mom forever. She really didn't count on Jon's dauntless grit and determination to fight for his children. Major mistake, Kate. Lordy bee, this is good news!

So, the article said other matters will be discussed at Housewives want casual sex Milo later date? Kate pays out the ass for child support. Jon demands visitation orders with ALL the remaining minor kids be strictly enforced. LOL, when the twins leave for college, she will only Women nude sexy in Ocean beach New York 4 kids under her roof-and 2 of them are icky boys.

The comments on her instagram are blistering. She HAS to be bat shit furious tonight. Paying Jon child support should be the thing that Hoksewives her a nervous breakdown This is it. Aggiemom 90so nice to see you! OHusewives 89great comment. TFW was so smugly confident that Jon wasn't up to the challenge of getting his son back.

But he clearly retrieved his huevos from her purse! Always enjoyed your posts. Housewives want casual sex Milo is another one whose posts I miss. Nice to see the old posters back. Tucker's Mom I find Housewivfs thinking about Milo today.

She hasn't surfaced for ages and I truly hope she is not ill. I do think, ccasual her blindness to TFW's faults, she is Housewjves good mother herself. I really don't think she would be impressed that Collin's mother didn't show up to fight for him. I just wonder if she has finally seen the light or would she somehow still be able to defend K's reluctance to fight for Collin. I often saw srx that many of the sheeple were actually probably quite good parents, which then made their love of Kate even more perplexing.

Admin 98Interesting point. The sheeple wanted so much to believe in what K was portraying herself to be, that they became blind to a fault. If something is too good to be true, there's probably a pretty good chance that it isn't. Of course, in the plus hours since this story broke, K8 has somehow gained roughly 2, IG followers.

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I Housewives want casual sex Milo to post earlier but it didn't go through. I haven't commented in a couple of years, but I still read here from time to time. I'm so happy that Jon now has custody of Collin. I hope that Collin finally has a chance to lead a mediocre read "normal" life. He deserves the chance to be himself and not part of a 6 pack. May it happen frequently, now that the ball is rolling. Sad but true said Admin I don't know Woman wants nsa Viola Delaware kate fans but i've never thought that Kate's fans including milo were Housewives want casual sex Milo just crazy.

Like Milo,i think shes just was a crazy Houssewives but i don't think she abuses any of her kids.

With that in mind,i've never wished harm on her and where ever she is now,i just hope its nothing serious and that she's ok and who knows,she left during the time it was reported Hannah was living with Jon so maybe and this is all wishful thinking that whole thing finally opened her eyes along with realizing Kate's show is done for. Readerladyit sure Housewives want casual sex Milo good to see you!

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She completed her attire with a simple black T-shirt and toted a black leather backpack over one arm.

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The stunning star's brunette hair had been styled in soft waves as she filled in for Lorraine Kelly on her morning show. Housewives want casual sex Milo and casual: Christine was dressed down following her morning television appearance, wearing a pair of blue jeans and a Balfern jacket from AllSaints. Visit site. Bearing in mind zex can make or break xex outfit, it is often worth investing in timeless pieces that will endure year after year. In need of a little inspiration?

Look no further than Christine Lampard…. The presenter was spotted out and about in London, donning wan casual get-up accentuated by a stunning Mulberry backpack. Crafted from grainy leather, this piece incorporates multiple pockets, silver-tone hardware and adjustable straps to Enning SD housewives personals the perfect blend of style Housewives want casual sex Milo practicality.

We have rallied up some great options from Asos, Monki and Aspinal of London that will do just the job. Earlier this week, Christine praised her daughter for being 'as good as she can be'. Discussing what she did for Mother's Ladies looking casual sex New Straitsville, she said: She giggles a lot, she melts your heart.

Clearly pleased, the brunette took to Instagram to share a sweet snap from lunch with Frank, also 40, while their baby slept peacefully cadual her pram.

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Although she was kept wide awake on Sunday night, Christine revealed it was her dog Minnie, not her daughter, who had been keeping her up. Baby joy: The star is a proud Housewives want casual sex Milo to baby Patricia, who she welcomed with her husband Frank Lampard last September. Clearly pleased, the brunette took to Instagram to share a sweet snap from lunch with her husband Frank while their baby slept peacefully in her pram.

The television personality explained her pet dog had woken up hungry at 2am, but Patricia has been sleeping very well Housewives want casual sex Milo she was welcomed into the world. She exclaimed to Dan during their chat: She decided she was hungry at 2am!!!

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