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It was her campaign for an invite. Actually, having zika Housewives looking sex Norland be preferable in this case.

Imagine this child's horror when they fully grasp who their parents are. You know this kid will be a headcase with her as a mother. CD is the Charlatan Duchess group which is now secret because of the assholes complaining to the Brit Police about the place being racist, just like we have here Housewives looking sex Norland DL. And, the Brit Police are actually arresting people who say "mean things" on the internet.

But this abrogation Housewives looking sex Norland free speech on the internet is deeply conserning to me. And kicking out elderly working members of the Firm would be horrible optics that would further make Meghan and Harry look greedy. If they're forced to go live in the country, I give the marriage less than a year after the baby is born before she bolts. She signed up for glitz, glamor and fame, not being tucked away permanently in the Cotswolds. Not in this life.

She's dangerous. Since I am R5, I would like to add just one North-liberty-IN swap wife remark as far as my first and only post about the use of "Zika". I too am all for free speech and in no way am advocating censorship. In fact, I haven't read anyone posting on here who is suggesting censorship. However, just as with the use of racist language when referring Sparkle which one could Beautiful wife seeking sex tonight Red Bluff defend with the free speechthe use of Zika when Housewives looking sex Norland the baby is just plain ugly.

And neither term has anything to do with the very real questionable attributes Housewives looking sex Norland display by the subjects of these threads.

There is plenty of grist for the mill without following such ugly paths. R52 It's possible I'm a fool. I doubt I'm a superstitious one though. My comment was about hoping for a curse or misfortune for others.

I Housewives looking sex Norland judge how other people make sense of the world whether they see karma, coincidence or curse. R50 Yes to free speech. I'm just Housewives looking sex Norland something for the queens to consider as they ponder creative baby names.

I didn't think that would Girls Porto alegre that want sex to pass, and here we are. And they may even move entirely away from KP! The comment in the Fail re Megs and Kate 'going in different directions' floored me. Yes they're different individuals with differing tastes and styles, but they are same aged young royals who will both have young children the same age, born as cousins. What 'different directions' would these be?

Seems to me they'd be doing a lot of the same general things. Isn't that a no no? And the bump has disappeared. In fact that baby bump has certainly gotten a lot smaller than when she was in Oceana that she was definitely wearing a fake belly.

HOW THE F is Harry going along with all this fake bs the boob fakery, the fake butt pads, the fake bump, the endless plastic surgery, the lips being plumped? Kate and William got the apartment 1A inafter George was born, and before that, they used to live in Anglesey. There were endless stories about Kate having postpartum depression, not knowing how to handle the baby, William spending Housewives looking sex Norland with other women, etc.

I take that two ways, but both with the Mail's usual snide subtext. One way is that someone Housewives looking sex Norland moving toward higher status and one toward Princess Michael status. His shtick. Video of him urging small, reluctant kids on this tour to hug Meghan bear that out. He has no respect. They are nonjudgmental, safe props. The Wanting pussy in Gracemont Oklahoma ohio. R73 I can't afford the stable fees so I've had to sell the horse.

Austerity Housewives looking sex Norland and all that. Celebitchy are mostly ex-Angelina Jolie fans who are now MM fans. And of course, they're so desperate to be accepted somehow because they are fucking nuts. And the reason would be that she did not want to give up the publicity. What a fucking psycho she is.

I think all the heroin she was previously accused of shooting will probably inoculate the baby from most diseases. Meghan wants to be different, so she probably wants homebirth, or waterbirth, holistic, ayurvedic, yoga birth while doing sirvasana or bakasana or some such crap. The Housewives looking sex Norland sleeveless Roland Mouret wasn't from Charles' birthday party.

It was from an event tonight in London. William and Kate were also in attendance as you ,ooking see in the pics Kate recycling a gorgeous red dress and the "fab 4" didn't pose for a single photo together even all being at the same place. Even though they posed with the same people being honored.

Man things are getting frostier between the couples. The same insider has stated that the BRF would no longer "protect" her from the press. This was several weeks ago, and it's all happening now.

All of it. Lastly, don't underestimate all the Queens living and working in the palace who are the real insiders to all the gossip. I've heard that gossip at the palace goes around very fast. MM is pissing off a LOT of people. This feels like Housfwives PR by Meghan to me.

R it was from a movie she worked on by Meg's ex-husband Trevor Engleson She wasn't getting work without him. Housewives looking sex Norland he helps her get Suits and she dumps him. What a piece of work. Lauer for sure. Weiinstein IDK but she sleeps with whomever to giive her a part. She's a terrible actress, from what Woman looking sex Hidden Meadows seen.

Excruciating, even. Thanks for these threads. About the only place where the cynics can chat about Meagain. Mumsnet, Lipstickalley both do quite a good job of running off anybody that isn't down with dry haired Meghan. It shocks meand it shouldn't, time and again how much validation Norlan many black people and other POC need from white people. And in my near half decadeno time has been worse for this phenomenon than nowadays. Progression isregression as manifested Housewives looking sex Norland too many narratives swinging around in today's Babylon.

I saw Sparkle in some hokey made for TV show last week. I watched it to see how bad she really Housewives looking sex Norland.

It lived up and even exceeded to my epectations. After her Suits gig, I have no clue where, at 37 and nearing 40, with very poor acting ability, no on screen "presence", average looks, where she would have landed.

I suspect she knew she wasn't ever going to "make it" back in her home country at her age and with limited talent and one mediocre TV movie series under her belt. Hence, the desperation to sez herself to anyone Horny moms Elkland Missouri 420 and Hilton massages money who would marry her and support her.

She wouldn't have landed any big fish in Housewives looking sex Norland and that's why she went fishing on the other side of the pond, con people into thinking she was more Hlusewives she actually is. I don't think you can make any claims about disappearing bumps looking at the Housewives looking sex Norland dress she was wearing tonight last night. It's got a gathered full skirt and she's standing with her hand in front holding a clutch. It's the one photo and it doesn't show anything.

Cute dress though, no opinion whether it was right for the occasion. What i can't Housewives looking sex Norland over is the DM article that Housewives looking sex Norland they aren't moving into KP. That's big. I know he's a cousin and all but the Gloucesters have never been as high Norlane as both sets of Kents.

Their kids are all grown and married. Not Cot is only two bedrooms, not enough for a nanny and Doria when she comes to visit. We're all familiar with how the DM embellishes, if not outright fantasizes but this story is extreme even for them: Harry lives in a converted cow shed????? That's the kind of thing an intern slips into a story for a joke and then gets fired and the story is quickly retracted when people read it. But what about the hot chef bf, R?

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He seemed primed for commitment seeing Woman looking sex tonight Eaton Tennessee how he settled down and either married or knocked up the next girl who came along.

He make a lower profile, but The Duke of Gloucester is quite busy with Housewives looking sex Norland for the Royal Family. The Court Circular allows for the listing of Royal engagements for any member of the RF for the past year. His list goes on for 11 pages. Sparkles and Lauer? She's too conniving - too similar to him.

Yet she's oddly enough woefully unsophisticated. You have made up a stupid name to sign your posts. We don't do that here. Anyone who is attention-seeking in that way on the Datalounge goes on ignore or is mercilessly mocked into stopping. Please be aware and best of luck.

Housewives looking sex Norland Kate's dress, R - it's a lovely dress and red is a great colour on Housewives looking sex Norland, but I cringe every time I see her exposed chest and shoulders. Despite her height and slimness, she has broad masculine shoulders and a freckled chest. I always thought there was something off with these two from the beginning. It seems pretty likely that both Harry and MM are drug users, based on photos of both.

This could explain their debts and financial problems. Do you think the RF has dealt with this? They don't look like drug users unless you think all people swawolling xanax are junkies.

I don't know what to think. There have been lots of surprising stories over the past few weeks. They can't all be true, but some are likely to be true. I don't think she'd do heroin or anything to slow down her system or make her lazy. She's too ambitious for Housewives looking sex Norland. If anything, she probably wants tons of energy to stay alert so she doesn't miss any opportunities to gloat, grift, etc. Huosewives will be really awkward if these two brothers don't raise their children--who will be close in age--to be close cousins.

William and Harry were close with their cousins growing up; it would be natural for them to want to provide the same support system for their own kids. Of course the Cambridge kids will have Pippa's kids to play with. The Sussex kids will not be close to any cousins from their mom's side, Housewives looking sex Norland.

It's hard for me to believe that Meghan can just waltz in the palaces and try to start lookinb around the Queen and her staff. Seems like a social climber would try to suck up to the Queen. The Cambridges are already close to the Phillips and of course Pippa's boy and maybe Eug and Bea kids. I think the Lookibg wanted to give them their chance with the Tour and Invictus. They fucked up and are sent Noroand Siberia to learn some valuable lessons about their work.

At the same time the Cambridges are enjoying themselves and Housdwives is finally greatly improving at his job. We will see how Kate manages with a more busy schedule. Weren't there stories in the earlier threads about Meagain having been caught prowling around at least one of the royal residences taking photos of the strictly private areas? Am I just imagining this? I guess Soho place is the best place for them to Housewives looking sex Norland.

There would be lots of other Nice size cock for younger girl types around. Meghan would be bored silly if she had nobody to talk to except for her three-years-younger, uneducated, childish husband.

Once you get trusted they'll prob send you a link to the secret group. Regarding that family photo They needed to sandwich her in between Charles and Camilla, which would have made more sense, and then Bean really wouldn't have been able to tentacle her. From the report on Houxewives Charles' party Housewives looking sex Norland Harry and the pregnant Duchess of Sussex made their excuses and left. My guess Sex personals Eldena Illinois that they'e not going to install Housewives looking sex Norland and Harry in Kensington Palace because they don't think the marriage is secure.

Let her move into a nice apartment there, and it will be hellish to get her out, especially if she's mother to a child of Harry's. It Housewives looking sex Norland be Princess Di all over again: People were posting on the last thread that Charles or William should have dissuaded Harry from marrying Meghan.

I don't agree with that. It's not their place. Harry's a grown man. If one of my family members got engaged to someone I disapproved of, I wouldn't sfx to interfere unless the circumstances were extreme i. At a push, I'd maybe ask him to make sure he wasn't rushing things too much if he proposed as early as Harry did, but that's about it.

Housewives looking sex Norland don't think much good comes of interfering in family members' love lives. One imagines, R, yours isn't the British royal family, however, where an ill chosen spouse might matter somewhat more. Perhaps Charles and Will tried to dissuade him, but Harry was stubborn. Stupid people often are. This Royal duchess thing is literally Adult chat Sanukimachi last chance at a comfortable high-profile life, and she seems to be blowing it at every turn.

Pure hubris. But, as Housewives looking sex Norland knows, being a pushy asshole sometimes leads to success. How very uncharacteristic of her!

I am not convinced that she fell out with Markus given the ongoing nexus with Soho. Is he her sole adviser at this point, ssx than possibly, Doria? All that canoodling with the Canadian, for years. The hashtags like happy wife happy life and fake honeymoon. What the hell happened there? Norlxnd got picked up a lot and is very strange. Oh that wife of Vextey at the birthday bash of PC. What was she thinking? That it was Soho House or another nightclub she was going to.

What a whore. Their where king and Queens of Europe attending that bash and most of them of middel -age. Even her nippels were showing. Never heard of a bra? That was no place to show up like that. R, some cucky men enjoy having other men ogle their hooker-attired wives. She probably thought she was dressing conservatively. I went to the Charlatan Duchess FB page and that shit is too crazy for me. Those people are as unhinged as the Sugars.

Two sides Housewivves the same coin. I can imagine that those folks are on a watchlist. Here is what I believe: Here is what I don't believe: She's using Housewives looking sex Norland drug stronger than Xanax or Ambien She's recording every conversation with the Royal family She's in debt for millions of dollars to Soho House She's not really pregnant: R I did.

It was in a interview with another cast Wives looking sex New Midway. No big deal to her.

Just paperwork. Their fave Reporter sconce tweeted Housewives looking sex Norland the soho farmhouse weeks ago. Come on. Soho house has carried her for years. She talked herself into being brand ambassador. No way her pre Harry lifestyle or even rumored yachting paid for all that travel.

How did u read the posts there? At the moment they r moving and not accepting new members. The story is that Meghan owes Jessica a lot Housewives looking sex Norland money and also lied to her about other stuff. On Housewives looking sex Norland tour Jessica had a convo with Harry finding out she was never getting her money and other Nroland. Remember Ben Norlans bragged he was going to interview H and M and it never happened.

The royal Hiusewives has been rumored to get free jags for years. One guess who Housewives looking sex Norland them.

Who is that spiteful. Ps of course Meghan uses drugs as does Harry. Illegal chemicals come in many forms. Good god what a joke. Or that 2 hours of a scared straight type conversation fixed it?

I figure this this theory must be popular with the Fifty Shades crowd. Meantime Harry has been a degenerate for years. Some Housewives looking sex Norland Google Carrie Bradshaw-Crother if you want to read a crazy pregnancy Housewives looking sex Norland. The sex part is background noise. I think Meghan is mentally ill. Since she is obviously padding her ass, boobs and stomach, to a ludicrous extent considering her supposed due date, the question is is there a baby under there.

She is capable of any lie. I also think Sweet wives want sex Montgomery may have taken the incredible risk of alienating her only safety net, Mulroney, as a brinkmanshipe ploy with the royal family. No family. You played along. R u going to see me on the streets? I am one of the few non Meghan fan that knew she will marry Harry but I am not so sure she is actually pregnant.

A baby will pop up Housewives looking sex Norland the media but who is the surrogate is the real lookiing.

R are you that naive. People Married women in the Maple Ridge the public eye rarely marry for love. I wonder why they left early? They should still be riding the crest of the newlywed wave and a lot of the people at the party would not have been at the Huosewives. She's in her second trimester so that's supposed to be the easiest of the three. Petulance over the Firm's recent attempts at Housewives looking sex Norland Indeed, that kind of behavior shows them being pissy about their situation.

The narcissist probably believes their leaving early makes Houaewives larger impression on that crowd than it realistically did. Most of those in attendance understand protocol; Housewives looking sex Norland if anything, only recognize what they did as bad form.

Fucking Desperate Women

I don't think it's too far fetched to suggest she may have mental Charleston South Carolina il fuck me of some sort or some degree. I'm sure all the craziness is seeming all too familiar to them Nor,and, Housewives looking sex Norland Roh. Another rumor is that along with slapping Meghan and Harry down - her most partisan fans in the press ignored the remembrance events Housewives looking sex Norland her obvious come down - Charles instructed the press that when it comes to his birthday, highlight Catherine.

He finally shut down the undermine Kate machine. That's ridiculous. If Charles did that the effect would Housewives looking sex Norland to create the headline: Charles instructs press seex highlight Kate in birthday coverage. I mean just look at the woman. The belly cradling - that is wack. How she dresses with inattention to detail How she walks, interacts.

Her facial expressions and vacant eyes. Her apparently vicious temper and meanness. The padding. The grandiosity. Her being so OTT. Now look at her twin, Jessica Mulroney. Same porny make up, ridiculous fashion sense, same inflated opinion of her own sexiness, capable of stunts like her attempted Pippa moment at the wedding. R u have no idea how the media works.

Coverage of the royals is tabloid and pr level, not Housewives looking sex Norland. Nutmeg has illusions of grandeur. Just look Housewives looking sex Norland Tig then you know enough.

She always wanted to be a queen or princess. R82 has the right idea. The thread is a dream Housfwives pointless bitchery. Once she was married, she was in a power position via a vis any creditors. She should have ghosted THEM, kept her head down, made do with whatever clothing budget was provided.

Played the long game. Not immediately tried to compete in the media with Kate, have no stories about how everyone liked her best, and basically acted like a nun.

Instead she treated the BRF like it was a reality show and she blew it up. Exactly R Sparkle's downfall is a testament to Housewives looking sex Norland Nprland of doing your research. It's not as if there aren't a million royal bios and memoirs out there that explain in detail how the RF handles things. If she doesn't like Free chartres adult chat, there are also dozens of documentaries.

When you block all the idiots, conspiracy fantasists, mouth breathers and no hopers, there's about three of us left.

Single Ladies Little Plymouth Sex

Everybody in the English-speaking world, and many countries where they don't speak English, know who Harry and William are. That's not just Housewives looking sex Norland big fat lie, it's a big fat stupid lie. So if she didn't know who Harry was, who exactly was she trying to get close to when she got escorted out of some polo match? I read here on DL that William watched her being escorted out.

Was she just lost? I thought she Lonely ladies seeking sex tonight Williamsport already "seeing" Housewives looking sex Norland when she was escorted off the polo field but I could be wrong.

I'm not Housewives looking sex Norland near as up on all this mess as you guys. Back up to R, but she dumped two men who could support her. She dumped Trevor, who is now married to a very wealthy Houusewives - or at least a woman from a wealthy family. So he must Housewives looking sex Norland something to offer. Then there's the chef, Corey. He had more status Houseqives Canada than she. Some time before the wedding I was reading an article that quoted people from L.

A Toronto source said Corey was very popular and connected, and got invited to places that she, on Suits, would never have been invited. The source said someone in a minor role on a basic cable show was never someone he would have met at any of these events if Corey weren't her significant other.

She wouldn't have gotten the invites. Someone in L. So really, for a girl who had Lady wants casual sex NC Mill spring 28756 the end of the road, she managed to get two looling who could give her a very Houewives life.

With Corey, she could have had a Jessica Mulroney-esque life - transitioning from acting to lifestyle, building herself as an influencer to the Gentleman eagar to host tonight, real housewives, reality show types - minor celebrity but very gratifying when your lifestyle is promoting yourself on social media and basically enjoying the finer things in your Cambridge west. Much free-er and less restrictive than being royal.

There are stories that yes, she was turned down by other Big Fish in Canada. Apparently the girl can't stop hunting even when she has it good. Why she wanted to hunt in the U. That Housewives looking sex Norland like a really sweet deal. And now he's got a baby with someone else. To be fair R, she didn't say she didn't know who he WAS, just that she didn't know much or anything about him.

So before they went further, she asked, "Is he nice? Because if he wasn't kind there wasn't any Housewives looking sex Norland. I almost gagged retyping that paraphrased quote. That was when I went this chick doesn't know where the line is.

That, and the fucking roast chicken. But I figured she was a low status L. She'd learn to dress, she'd learn to un-L. Little did I know! R - let's take the "surrogate" issue one more time. In the UK, the woman who gives birth to the baby is considered its mother and has parental rights even if there is no genetic tie between them.

The couple using the surrogate can only get parental rights, even if they are the biological parents, through the surrogate transferring her parental rights through a court order. The law forbids paying for anything but the surrogate's medical expenses and any expenses related to preparing for the baby Housewives looking sex Norland classes, etc. Mary's Hospital OHusewives going to pretend that she went into labour, Housewlves, and the baby she's walking out with is hers?

Or that the government's Office of Records and Birth Registrations will kindly take no notice of the surrogate?

I Am Seeking Real Swingers Housewives looking sex Norland

There - Houseeives - no - surrogate. The deception required would put the integrity Cuty porno South dakota the entire family on the line, and get Meghan booted out of the UK on the next plane. She and Harry fudged the timeline of when they Housewives looking sex Norland got together so it wouldn't be abundantly clear that she dumped one catch for a better one the moment she met him. That bullshit about the roasting chicken in September was just Housewives looking sex Norland She would never have ended her role on "Suits" and dumped Cory if she wasn't already sure of Harry, at least privately.

Not to mention moving into his Hkusewives around KP. And I haven't a doubt Sparkle goes for "kind" and "nice".

It's not as if any alpha male would Housewives looking sex Norland her pull the crap that Harry has let her pull. Cory was probably twice the man Harry is. That goes a long way to Houaewives certain, er, imbalances.

Except, R, she supposedly is rejecting contact with any "Royal Doctors". So, the Lindo Wing is probably off the table as far as she is concerned too. R - Really? Sparkle give up the chance to do what Kate and Diana did, and come down the steps smiling at the crowds and photogs?

She Housewives seeking sex Birmingham Alabama 35205 bring in whomever she likes, as long as he has privileges at St.

And what do you suppose the price on Golden west college friend licence is for collaborating in such a deception - do you think the Sex at funeral home afterhours will stand for a completely non-St. Mary's staff attending Sparkle?! And Housewkves the Portland Hospital, as well.

Unless she's planning a home birth, Housewives looking sex Norland no doctor alive would allow a geriatric first-time Mum Housewives looking sex Norland - they'd have to be out of their fucking minds to attempt such a deception.

And, yes, absolutely. The poster who pointed out that her persona is one part terrified insecurity bolstered by another part an exaggerated view of herself, was correct.

Sex Dating in Red rock AZ Adult parties difference between Meghan and Diana is that Diana already was, to a certain extent, "important" and she got more important with her marriage.

So, for Diana, it was more about a bottomless need for reassurance that she existed through endless attention. Sparkle was Housewives looking sex Norland Nobody who used men to up her Somebody quotient - but she found when she got this far that she still wasn't the most important person in Housewives looking sex Norland room and her Somebody-ness is pendant upon taking orders from people higher up the food chain.

So, according the the Housewives looking sex Norland at R, Andrew Parker Bowles was at the birthday party too. Cozy bunch. I have been following this story ever since I realized she was a crazy liar, which was not until some time before the wedding. There are fans and that is the word for them, who have been following this since she was just a rumor. The problem with the story as they tell it is Harry is completely passive and helpless throughout, and I'm not buying it.

Surely the BRF has had stalkers before. Problematic types, either among the staff, among people who have interacted with them in some capacity, and in unvetted social circles like when they do muck around at Soho House.

So why was Harry led Portugal bdsm chat rooms the nose don't think it was his dick Housewives looking sex Norland helpless to make this chick keep away?

He wasn't. So the theory doesn't hold. My understanding is they hooked up a few times but did not "date". During the hook-ups, she started the sec mill that they were an item, a secret romantic item, and she staged some pap Housewives looking sex Norland. One of them that I saw shows her exiting a trailer presumably on the Suits set, and skulking off to an impressive looking car visible just beyond the trailers. The idiotic part of it is she's exiting all contorted, walking sideways down the steps so the camera positioned to her Housewives looking sex Norland can i.

It was pretty amateur hour as far as pap set ups go. She had Hosuewives papped in the vicinity of Kensington Palace. And I think a famous lookjng of a bearded guy with his head ducked, carrying a duffel has he entered the back door of her house in Toronto wasn't Harry but Markus or someone. So she's pulling all this stuff, and Harry Housewives looking sex Norland nothing, even though the fan narrative has him not approving.

She does the bananas and the bracelet. Then supposedly she Housweives into a polo game because she has Ralph Lauren tickets as she did that time at Wimbledon. The press that cooperates with her has her there as his girlfriend, even though they're not seen together, and she's wearing a navy blue high lo dress, structured white jacket loking her shoulders, her hooker heels, and sunglasses. So it's presented as legit.

The next day she shows up again and yes there's a pic of William looking over as what appears to be an RPO strong arms her into a car, because she showed up without a ticket.

And Housewives looking sex Norland know those Invictus shots where she looks deranged? Her hair is a mess, her Lonley n wantin to party are scary, she's wearing a maroon leather jacket over a dress? There's a pic of her in what looks like some exit area or parking area, obviously hiding behind a whole bunch of Houwewives or security.

You can see her unmistakable stick legs and her outfit, but not her. If she's staging that because Beautiful wife seeking hot sex Granby I am so famous and need protection! So is shes being tossed out?

The "fans" think so. Then Harry cuts it off completely which begs the lookiing what has he been doing this whole time - Houseaives her in between the times Housewives looking sex Norland gets thrown out of places?

Why would Inskip invite his stalker? So she shows Housewives looking sex Norland uninvited, and there Ladies looking hot sex Coral Hills those pap photos of Harry and Meg at the table, Meg with her arm slung Adult wants nsa CA Garden valley 95633 his shoulders talking to him intently, Housewives looking sex Norland also many shots of her looking extremely evil and bitch faced, particularly aimed at the catering staff, but a few Housewives looking sex Norland at female guests who greet Harry.

Then other shots Girls looking for sex Westhope North Dakota the two of them looking isolated. Supposedly it was her pap.

Some point along the way of this bizarre saga, Harry and Miss Meg were close enough that Harry either had some big orgy that Meg recorded, OR Harry revealed deep dark secrets of the monarchy and Meg recorded, OR Harry ran his mouth off about his family in a Housewwives that made him sound like a shitheel, and at Invictus, Meg, Doria, Markus and Jessica presented him the fait accompli.

Listen to this, sucker! Now you're getting married! There were many European royals at Charles' party and Meghan was meeting them for the first time. Oh to Housewives looking sex Norland a fly on the wall to hear what they had to say about her in the car on the way home.

R - Sparkle sexx been, possibly, reined and brought Housewives looking sex Norland short. She's still Harry's wife and by courtesy only until she gains UK citizenship a royal Duchess, a member of the BRF, and on track to give Britain's Sovereign her next great-grandchild and its next Sovereign another grandchild.

Harry fans prefer to believe he ran his mouth and gave away deep dark secrets of the monarchy, and in horror, he married her to protect his family. But when these fans are asked - well, is he Norlahd them from criminal activity or some really bad stuff from coming out? The fans get shady and try to occupy the middle ground of 'it's info that shouldn't be out but of course it's not criminal.

To Housewives looking sex Norland into that we'd have to believe Harry got married to protect dear sweet Uncle Andy. If he was messing around with her, trying to keep her as a hook up without shutting her down, and she did get info that accelerated the situation into marriage, Housewives looking sex Norland inclined to believe Harry trashed family members like Will and Kate and would look like a fucking asshole if it came out considering how they're protected his ass for years, letting him be lookinf third muskateer.

But I really think is what happened was he made that statement about the press and racism, and even though the actions he complained of turned out to be a lie, he Housewives looking sex Norland to make the statement thinking is covered him in rebellious, righteous, White Knight glory, and he couldn't back out after that.

Or, you know, he was madly in love. But since he alternately looked drugged and like he was going to throw up at his wedding, I have trouble with Housewlves one. R, Sparkle just talked into the air, as is her wont. Pretended people were talking to her, and pretended to react. Home birth wouldn't work and agree she would want the glory of sashaying out of the hospital in her stilettos with her bundle and thinking she did it wayyy better than Diana and Kate.

So what's the deal then? The cupping an alternating non-existent bump and too big for 12 weeks bump on the tour was so weird and suspect. Rather macabre to think she would fake this to setup a miscarriage just so she could bask in all the attention, sympathy and make herself Housewives looking sex Norland as far as criticism or consequences for her other deeds.

R I read it second hand, although apparently the interview is out there for people who want to watch.

I have seen the quote "Im such a fraud! I don't know what level of problem lying about your union affiliations is in the industry. And there are other opportunities that come along - you have an agent, you book a commercial, the commercial is SAG, so you Dating agencey peoples connection network to be SAG.

If you qualify for commercial work - you have that look, or Housewives looking sex Norland a model or something, you get in that way. You can always lie I guess, but at some point when you are hired you have to give your Union membership details to production and if you don't have it you're screwed. I guess Meghan counted on the old story that you lie about your union membership and by the time you're discovered you are the Housewives looking sex Norland one they want for the part so they just grandfather you in.

Or it's too late to recast. I imagine she could fast talk her way into something like that even though she worked very little and wasn't very good. As far as what kind of a lie it is - eh.

She definitely lied more than most. Her resume is ludicrous. However, it's generally Housewives looking sex Norland that whatever you can get away with that gets you hired is fair game. Maggie Smith was there? It would have been excellent if Maggie had told her same Housewives looking sex Norland the Dowager told Miss Ameilia Cruikshank:. I'd feel sorry for Larry in this case Harryif I didn't dislike Housewives looking sex Norland so much. She probably IS preggo but I've little doubt she added an embellishment of a pad during the tour to muster as much attention and esp.

R Yes, and the DM comments about Melania are very positive. A popular one is "a beautiful, classy First Lady". Tells you something about the DM crowd and their tastes.

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Her husband is sixth in line! Did Sophie come down the steps? Did Fergie come down the steps maybe she did? The Queen makes Housewives looking sex Norland statement about Meghan's home state. I don't recall the Queen commenting about natural disasters in US states in the past. Did she make any comments about Katrina? Nor,and - the Queen and Prince Philip usually send condolences to world leaders when there is a natural disaster, bombing, multiple killings etc Yes Maggie Smith was there.

And Judi Dench. And Joanna David. Was Edward Housewives looking sex Norland, her husband there too? And others. Sexy women wanna be eaten did come down the steps, R - I remember she was doing her usual gurning Housewives looking sex Norland and tripped and nearly dropped Milf dating in Eufaula baby not sure Houseeives it was Bea or Euge.

At the time Ferg's husband was 4th in line which to my math is 2 spaces closer to the throne than Haz currently occupies. MM looked huge in the blue dress with cape at the state event in Fiji and has been smaller ever since. Baby bumps can vary quite a lot depending on what you've been eating, how much you've been drinking, whether you're loojing active person or rather some couch potato etc.

Not only she stole Eugenie's thunder at the latest royal wedding by unneccessarily but deliberately wearing maternity clothing, but she made the entire tour about her and the Second Coming she will give birth to some time next year which is in fact, as she will give birth, about her only.

That's a burrito bump, not a baby bump. There's probably a baby in there but the bump is all Megan fucking around. I thought that I read that people in the UK tended to use surrogates outside the country to get around the law.

Friends, she is pregnant. I've always loved Datalounge not only for its pointless bitchery, but also Illinois married women seeking men its relatively intelligent posters. It would be frustrating if the Dangling Tendrils threads became a magnet for celebrity pregnancy swx theorists. God knows Meghan already provides plenty of genuine material for us to comment on and enjoy here. They're clearly humiliated by and angry about the Housewives looking sex Norland rejection of them, and trying to get out ahead of this news by spinning it as, "We don't WANT to live in the room apartment that adjoins that of the future King of England, anyway!

R - baby bumps in the earlier trimester until about 6 months are extremely easy to minimise or enhance Housewives looking sex Norland fashion.

The idea that she's not really pregnant because her bump looked different in different clothes is just not enough to make assumptions. There's no surrogate, there's no deception, she was constantly cradling her bump to Housewives looking sex Norland attention deflected to herself.

It was that or hang on a sign around her neck in medieval calligraphy that said, "LOOK! There's no conspiracy, there's no surrogacy, there's no pillow baby. There's a real baby in there because that's the only way Housewives looking sex Norland can really nail Harry and the BRF to the wall and make it impossible for them to giver her the shove any time soon. Surely some guesses could be made re the falling out she had with her handsy BFF? Did Markus offer their company at Housewives looking sex Norland as a sexy pair?

Their friendliness was played up for photos, what about in person? We've passed that point of no return. Recall too she is a former prostitute, Soho House Housewives looking sex Norland or J-assica Mattelny has loaned her hundreds of thousands of Housewives looking sex Norland and now want it back, he's gay and maybe she's gay and one or both of them in shooting smack.

Largely based on compelling evidence starting with 'I feel With the Royals, you always have to look at what they do, Housewives looking sex Norland what they say, because they often say nothing. But they've been doing plenty since Meghan returned from the tour: That says it all about the level Housewives looking sex Norland approval for the marriage and for Meghan herself right now.

They broke the Queen's rule that anyone in the family has to be dating someone for five years before they can marry. If they had kept to it they Housewives looking sex Norland be in this mess. I know, I know, her biological gravy train was going tick tick tick. She couldn't wait five years.

I still think she played him with "rescue me from xxx, no don't, no do, no don't, and remember I'm so strong and supportive of you. He married his mother. He did come to see his mother at least in part for the way she really was, not the fantasy Housewives looking sex Norland perfection. He still adores her and was deeply wounded by her death but he's not quite as dumb as he comes across sometimes.

One thing I have learned is that at either end of the affection spectrum around this broad, love or Housewives looking sex Norland, the population is stupid, bonkers or some combination thereof. Sorry this topic is now largely anti-fan fic.

It reminds me of the Madeleine McCann boards back in the day where people conjured up notions like the child's remains were cremated in a volcano - or smuggled into a pet crematorium inside a dead dog. And they debated it, for years, as if it were true. And to them it was true. Given those how those morons behaved they probably still think it is true.

R, on the other hand, announces 'They broke the Queen's rule that anyone in the family has to be dating someone for five years before they can marry. It's made up shit that stupid people will potentially debate as fact for hours. Good heavens! I certainly didn't make the Queen's five year rule thing up. I read it somewhere. Probably a newspaper since I read a lot of regular non-royals news.

Sorry I've upset you. But she is no stranger to a little Could we at least keep the stupid Not Pregnant conspiracy theory out of this thread. It's not cute and also not new since the same shit was claimed during all Horny girls online Chertorigi Kate's pregnancies too. FWIW I personally am not saying she's not pregnant. I am saying IDK because the bump has gotten seriously deflated since Australia.

And that couldn't have been a "burrito bump" since she was there to have dinner - it was a dinner party and she had just come dow the stairs. R, I thought I read that the rule is that a couple has to be together for five years before moving into KP. It's been pointed out that William and Catherine weren't given an apartment there until after George was born. Eugenie lives there with her new husband, but they've dated about 7 years.

Meghan pretty much had to move into Harry's cottage at KP because she had nowhere else to go. But apparently they're not living in the cottage now. Chat room free sex Great Barrington would they move out of the cottage?

Even if they're mad at the family, it would be pretty foolish to leave behind FREE housing right in the heart of London. I agree she's pregnant. She's obsessed with Diana, and she wants Diana's grand baby to grow inside her body. Her next plan is Single horny women Ischia n m look amazing a few weeks after delivering the baby.

Kate made lots of headlines for this. While she won't Housewives looking sex Norland able to post her unctuous recipes and exercise pics on social media, she's saving them for her book. Where did all these not-pregnant celebrity conspiracy theories come from, anyway?

It seems like anytime a pregnant star doesn't Beallsville OH milf personals us her naked belly these days, people start saying it's fake.

Meghan is absolutely pregnant: She looks pregnant, and being so short, she's going to blow up like a balloon over the next couple of months. KP hasn't been free housing for several years now. You have to pay going market rates.

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HM supposedly covers all or part that herself, though, for her close relatives living there. Looks like Meghan and Clarksville tn cheaters took the warning shot over the bow seriously, and are backpedaling on the flounce from KP as fast as they can. Perhaps they have two brain cells between them, after all. Abusing staff is considered gauche.

It's the kind of thing an arriviste does. It's also dangerous. Housewives looking sex Norland sure Mehgan was expecting a heroine's welcome when she returned from Housewives looking sex Norland tour. Whoever leaked Tiara Gate the moment she got back has Housewives looking sex Norland timing. They keep trying to get in front of stories that otherwise would have begged questions. They're turning down titles because they want their children to have normal lives translation: They don't really want to live next door to William and Kate translation: The back row at the Albert Hall for the remembrance concert, speaks for itself, seated, ironically, right behind Prince Andrew, Housewives looking sex Norland they are both probably fairly sure leaked Tiara Gate in payment for Meghan's maternity coat stunt at his daughter's wedding.

And, no appearance at Balmoral this summer. HM did her obligatory appearance with Sparkle shortly after the wedding Housewives looking sex Norland minus a hat and put a good face on it. R, you didn't upset me, although I freely admit to be driven nuts by some of the drivel and lunacy on this thread that get discussed as if it were true. If royal followers are sad and desperate, what does that make royal follower-follower r? The irony is overpowering. R - I agree. As I've said before, Skippy and Felix and JerseyJeanne are the clones of the Cumber Crazies still insisiting the Cumberbatches aren't married, their children are secretly adopted or photoshop creations, and the Missus is a former people trafficker - in fact, I'm convinced that they actually may be a couple of the most notorious of the Cumber Crazies, because it's the same m.

Poster upthread is also correct that there is quite enough about Meghan Markle within the realm of reality to question without bringing in the theories of the deranged. She's a golddigger, an Housewives looking sex Norland, a narcissist, and in her refusal to take advice or reset her behaviour, totally unsuited to this position.

And, yes, she really is pregnant, they areally are married, she isn't launching a skincare line, and she isn't going anywhere any time soon. She'll walk when and if she feels she can do better, and not one moment earlier. And that time is far in the distance. First, the kid, the move to her newly renovated bedroom home with Windsor Castle half a mile away, then another kid. I don't know why she dresses like shit.

Obviously, she is merching her ass off so she can only wear what she gets. Very very tacky. Meghan also seems stuck in the s, which are making another comeback, so maybe her taste and trend will start to merge. Her taste is Real Housewife. She probably thinks this is classy. She loves hooker shoes. Throw on the straw fedora hat she wore incessantly on instagram and she thinks she's Princess Di on her days off.

It's easy to see her self-image when you read the stuff her "friends" Housewives looking sex Norland her - meaning she told them what to say said in People. She loves the impression of cozy consideration. A candle. A robe. Hand warmers. A mug. She's doing the sexy religious thing - she's graceful and close Housewives looking sex Norland God. She can't help having that sexiness.

That's the main thing I see in her and Mulroney - I'm expensively dressed. I'm groomed. Each "piece" I'm wearing is respectable. But you see that sexiness, right?

She's not sure we do so she pushes it. No tights ever, greased up legs, hooker heels, pounded on bronzer.

In fact that's the hallmark of a narc. They always push it. They don't feel what it is they're projecting, so they're not sure WE get it. They're always a bit OTT and extra when trying to make a point. You can see it in Miss Megs. Just did a bunch of paragraphs on her in this post, but you know the one I really hate - Harry. He's skating because so many of his "fans" think she coerced the poor little boy into this thing. He's a dick. He's clearly a lazy dick, arrogant, entitled asshole.

Worse than she is, because at least you see her coming. She's not going to stay long. Once she has St Diana's grandkid, she ensures that the press will always be interested in her, no matter where she goes kind of like Jackie O. Then she'll divorce Harry because a college-educated "artiste" must be bored silly by a lesser educated, less sophisticated, non-creative type man Housewives looking sex Norland not really good-looking Housewives looking sex Norland for her to overlook his shortcomings.

She'll go back to LA, push her way into charity events, have photo-ops of Diana's grandkid working in a soup kitchen, vacation Housewives looking sex Norland her new celeb friends from the marriage. And since she's always being papped at these events, she can keep merching. You list several royal followers who you claim give all royal followers a bad name. You don't merely list them, you go into detail about their supposed failings. If you both follow the royals, and know enough about other royal followers to have such a strong opinion, then it stands to reason that you Housewives looking sex Norland might fall in the category of the Love in kirkbean and desperate from which you seek to distinguish yourself.

The new generation of royals do things differently. I mean, they obviously sleep in the same bed sometimes to get it on but most of the royals have separate bedrooms. I wonder about trivial things like this. InTouch mag has a great headline: Favorite and More Accurate Headline: Yep, they finally got something right. At no point did I say that ALL royal followers are anything, merely that they have a Housewives looking sex Norland reputation;- one which has arisen because of the batshit crazy theories put about by the Tumblr tossers.

Anyway, I shall leave it there. I know people like you So go bore someone else. DL wont let me post links. The dressed down Parliament had nothing to do with The Queen advancing years. From The Telegraph:. The changes to the Royal schedule, announced by Buckingham Palace today, will see the State Opening of Parliament take place on June 19, with the Order of the Garter service previously in the diary for the same day now cancelled.

Some observers were quick to note that the timing would allow Housewives looking sex Norland Queen to attend Royal Ascot, which runs from June 20th to 24th. Sources said the 19th was the first suitable date after the election, with a quick turnaround of 11 days agreed to maintain continuity.

She will travel in car rather than by carriage, with her heavy crown being carried by an officer of state along with the Sword of State and Cap of Maintenance, symbols of her power and authority. The Duke of Edinburgh will accompany the Queen wearing a Lady wants casual sex North Fork coat rather than full naval uniform. The Queen's procession to the Chamber of the House of Lords, where she takes the throne and delivers her speech, will also be reduced, with no heralds present.

It is Housewives looking sex Norland first time since March that such a scaled-back ceremony has taken place, with the only other occasion following Labour leader Harold Wilson defeating Edward Heath in a snap election. The changes, sources said, were down only to timing, with the Trooping of the Colour now falling on June 17 just two days before the Housewives looking sex Norland Opening of Parliament.

The proximity of the two major events would make the logistics of a normal State Opening too difficult, it is claimed, leaving too little time for rehearsal for an event of that scale. It is understood that postponing or rearranging the day was not considered possible, due to the number of dignitaries expected to attend. The annual event staged at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle usually attracts hundreds of well-wishers who gather to watch Housewives looking sex Norland colourful spectacle of Garter Knights processing to the service.

The announcement immediately led to speculation that the changes would suit the Queen, who at 91 would have to Serious phone mature 34655 women wearing the famously heavy 2.

Last year, the Queen used a House of Lords lift for the first time, avoiding 26 stairs, in what was seen by many as a concession to her age. A spokesman for Buckingham Palace said: Knights of the Garter and others due to attend have been informed.

None of the Windsor men are particularly intelligent or interesting. R - You really think she's suddenly going to give up living a half mile from Windsor Castle after a three million quid reno on the backs of Horny senior dating in Marion Arkansas UK taxpayers?

The reality, clearly, is quite different. The press stalks them, they are restricted as to what they Housewives looking sex Norland say Housewives looking sex Norland the press. R that picture Naughty Adult Dating skiing looking to chat more on the cover of the KKG magazine. The issue was about our sorority geeking out over the royal wedding. R - Being interested in the BRF doesn't necessarily translate to a "stan" and for those who aren't quite stans but think the institution has a use, there is Housewives looking sex Norland middle ground here.

Trying to assert that we're Housewives looking sex Norland in Disneyland and are unaware they have to make a few accommodations to earn their astronomical perks is specious. The art collections, the landholdings, the race horses, the cars, the bedroom homes, the Housewives looking sex Norland portfolios, the designer clothes, the jewels, the nannies, the chefs, the personal trainers.

I can't relate to what you're saying here. The GOOD: The UGLY: Do you think people who follow the royals don't know these facts or are you just posting about the casual observers who believe in fairy tales and unicorns? Anyone with a brain cell should know that Royal life isn't all it's cracked up to be.

There are many knowledgeable people here and no matter how informed I am, there is always something new I learn from others. Learning is a life long pursuit. When asked how she viewed the proceedings, Joan said of the bride "I don't think she knows what she's getting into. It was the only remark I remember hearing or reading that perhaps most people were wearing rose colored glasses about the marriage.

I was really surprised. That's why I remember it so clearly. I don't think she will leave or come back to U. That's the point of the FrogCott exile, when the divorce happens and she refuses to budge she is tungsten you know at least she'll be out of the way and not underfoot at KP like Diana was. She'll actually have the best of the both worlds then, still living within they royal bubble with all its perks yet free to make tv appearances and rep and merch and give interviews Housewives looking sex Norland social media like a celeb.

R - I remember that Joan Collins' quote too. Meanwhile, the delusional Archbishop was talking about "fairy tales" during the ceremony. I was surprised. The person getting their knickers in a twist obviously doesn't understand what it means to be a member of the Royal Family.

This individual thinks that royals should behave like a Hollywood celebrity and go after their enemies. Oh dear. Housewives looking sex Norland - Robert Runcie, then Archbishop of Canterbury, was anything but delusional.

He knew from his first meetings with the couple that they were badly mismatched, and that Diana was something of an "actress", and in his journals from the time expressed the hope that she would "grow into the role". So, no, he wasn't delusional.

But Housewives looking sex Norland hardly have been able Hook up sex j where are you state that at the wedding, would he? I remember the speech - he used the line "this is the stuff of which fairy tales are made " but he went on to try to point up the dangers of such a view. For what it's worth, his son went on to become the author of the Grantchester novels on which the TV series was based.

This was the Biggest Mistake of My Life". Of course I don't believe it because I don't think Will and Harry are speaking to each other very much anymore. And she evidently has forgotten that Meghan and Harry opened this PR war a year before they were formally engaged by threatening the British press with lawsuits based on completely unproven accusations, in a transparent move to cut off any negative press toward Meghan Markle, and to establish her as Harry's serious GF publicly, making it more difficult for him to end the relationship or for the royal family to refuse permission.

Housewives looking sex Norland was Meghan's first play of the race card and, as with so many of her efforts to portray herself as an entitled victim, it backfired. I wonder who the baby's godparents will be. The logical choices would be Diana's siblings; this is their late sister's grandchild. Meghan only has one relative she gets along with. Will William and Kate appear in the christening photo? Meghan Markle, lighten up. You're not the Love in marfleet Princess Diana and it's time you and Prince Harry ended this phoney media war.

R - Well, certainly no one believes the Enquirer, but as with so much else about Meghan and Harry, its very appearance, as with the Daily Mail's "English Rose! Harry and Meghan have blown this so badly in one year that even those of us cynical about his choice of wife from the get-go Housewives looking sex Norland taken aback. I knew this was doomed when Meghan invited that fiery soulful down-home preacher to speak at her wedding.

All that hootin and hollerin, and Oprah and Serena fannin theyselves in the gallery like they was in church in Mississippi. What an unprecedented fuck up. Those pictures of Anne above in the bow tie and uniform look just like Cloris Leachman as Nurse Diesel.

R - William and Kate will be there if the Queen has to get them there on pain of beheading. Harry is William's brother and this is his first child. They will be there come hell or high water. As to godparents, family members are rarely called upon. The Spencer cousins are of course a possibility given that Harry and Meghan want to play up the Diana angle as much as possible, but the Spencers didn't treat Diana that well and may not even be interested.

Look for the von Straubenzees, friends of Harry and William, Jessica Mulroney, and some obligatory high-profile celebrities like George and Amal Clooney. The Queen will also attend. Any significant absence of HM, William, and Kate will be instantly construed as proof of the enmity and division Meghan brought into the family.

They can't afford that optic any longer. Why do people forget that a Christening is a religious event and has religious significance.? In this case, an event held by the Church of England.

I would expect that people chosen as godparents are expected to be of the same religion as the one the baby is being Christened into. After one Diana fashion exhibition closes at Kensington Palace after a two-year run, another one is planned. Besides the Queen, who in the BRF do we think has the most reverence for the monarchy, like considers it something from God?

Charles told the children he hopes they will make a 'real difference to the future of this country. I've never seen Charles look like he does in the pictures at R link belowso goofy and relaxed. One comment said "He's finally met his intellectual equals. Charles looks like he's released the burden of kingship, as his mother looks healthier than he does. R - The Queen didn't have them up to Balmoral this summer and Meghan is a long way from doing or getting any of the things you suggest in your post, except multiple children.

She hasn't behaved that well so far, so the not too veiled suggestion that everyone started out hating her is absurd. Posts like yours always omit the Woman who needs or wants it she's made all on her own. The Duchess of Windsor had to leave Britain in the back seat covered with a rug. She didn't get an HRH, she didn't get a royal wedding with the Queen present, she wasn't welcomed into the family and given patronages, etc.

Stop the crying bullshit. Meghan is reaping what Meghan has sowed by threatening the press through Harry, getting herself a Vanity Fair cover interview before the engagement was even announced, refusing to support British fashion, Teen adult nsas lake fun nauseam.

Let me know when the Queen bestows the family orders, the Garter, et al. Markle is certainly not copying Diana's maternity style. I had forgotten how much of 80's fashion was homage to the Victorian era or in the US, the Prairie look, with all the ruffles and puffy sleeves, and billowy skirts.

Soho House is a money laundering front for Isis, so you are right R Housewives looking sex Norland has contracts and contacts with Housewives looking sex Norland wealthy middle eastern royals, and she may go off on a yacht one day and never come back. I agree R Kind of an Housewives looking sex Norland 60s Natalie Wood. I wonder if attending an event such as that at the school makes Charles feel a little wistful.

Such a cheerful setting is a must be such a contrast for someone who appeared to be such a lonely and forlorn little boy. R - Charles probably sees Camilla's grandchildren far more Lonely lady seeking sex Winchester he sees William's kids.

He's probably closer to them as a result. Since he has interactions with the grandchildren, he seems more relaxed around children in general. I don't know if they sleep in the same Housewives looking sex Norland as their wives but the two brothers slept together whenever they were both home from boarding school.

Charles groused about this privately to friends but didn't intervene. That is, if she enough money, which she doesn't. It's all Harry's and Charles's money, and not nearly enough of same Housewives wants real sex Beaver Ohio she would like.

R Doesn't Camilla only see her Grandchildren at her private home Ray Mill House where she hides out most weekendsnot sure Charles ever goes there? Perhaps for Charles, he knows that with children that little, he is just a man. They are not impressed with his title, rank, etc. Wasn't there a story from Sophie about Louise only realizing that her grandmother was Queen because someone told her that when she started school?

So, with little kids, whatever interaction Charles has with kids is totally on him as a person. You can't fake it. I think Charles was a better parent than he was given credit for, and that Diana wasn't as fabulous a parent as she was given Housewives looking sex Norland for.

Diana was extraordinarily needy, emotionally, and leant on her sons as much as she did on her friends Housewives looking sex Norland lovers. William, particularly, was called upon for emotional support - a fabled story is of her sobbing in the bathroom Housewives looking sex Norland Kensington Palace and William stuffing tissues under the door for her.

No young child should have to do that - and yet, because she made such a public display of her touchy-feely tactile approach, who would criticise her? How did she find this preacher? Did she Google "prominent black Episcopalian clergy? Funny, he was so OTT in his use of the word "love" which is likely the furthest thing from Meghan's mind. I always thought that many posters here were a little paranoid about the number of fraus alleged to be here.

Even I, however, am disturbed about R, however.

R Yeah, Googling was sufficient. Projecting their own experiences of racism, feeling the Barbie blonde was the only ideal, etc.

The preacher went along with the angle that she was there to shake things up and make the monarchy current and relevant.

Feminist changer of the world. There is no way that gay men are responsible for the Housewives looking sex Norland, long posts about this woman. She's just not that interesting. R, I'm a Horny California near California guy, not a frau. I read Housewives looking sex Norland threads for news about the BRF, not the Sussexes. But these threads are clearly identified, and easily ignored.

XXX Horny Dates Married seeking sex tonight Elizabeth

At the time the time Housewives looking sex Norland died her sons were shifting from her "side" to Charles' "side"although I think at that point they were compatible co-parents. It's just that Diana was stuck at KP, while Charles had acres upon acres of private land where his kids could hang out free from any intrusions. I also think her drama may have been wearing on them, although they seemed happy enough spending time on the first leg of her yacht vacation with Dodi.

I think William loves his mother, and her memory, and understands her, but also has a grasp of her issues and shortcomings. Harry may as well, Sexy Page girl needs a big cock is more interested in exploiting being Diana's son for his own self aggrandizement. Housewives looking sex Norland photo mentioned upthread Hot tight Chattanooga Tennessee looking Meghan from Wimbledon inwhere she apparently horned into the wrong box.

R Yeah. I heard that she brought an Orange Julius into Wimbledon and spilled it in the stands. Someone complained and they asked her to leave for a few minutes so they could clean the area. She was offended and the lokoing thing you know there are stories that she'd been ejected. Give it a fucking rest, this is a gossip site. If people want to post bitchy shit about this grifter, they can.

Do you really think that people come here for facts? They come here for "pointless bitchery. You lolking to be waiting in the wings to jump on anyone who insults this woman. All Housewives looking sex Norland while pretending to hate her as much as the people you describe as pathetic and lonely. You write a fucking book about these so-called royal watchers then try to play it like you are so above them.

Why is this Housewives looking sex Norland about getting kicked out of Wimbledon affecting you so much? Who gives a shit if it's true or not? I, for one, laughed my ass off at Houxewives thought of this phony attention whore being escorted off the premises. I couldn't care less if it's true Housewivves it doesn't directly affect me. You're not. It makes you sound deranged. Let people gossip and have a fucking laugh, will ya? Don't take it so seriously.

I'm not who you are referring to but I come here for facts or something close to it.

Ladies Want Sex VA Milford 22514

I don't need fiction. I can watch better made up drama on TV. I think with Wimbledon from what IIRC, someone posted a picture of her in a number of different seats in the royal box, which implied she hadn't actually got a ticket for said box. She Housewives looking sex Norland working for Ralph Lauren but had talked her way into the box.

How does a Z-list actress get a job repping for Ralph Lauren at Wimbledon? And what exactly was Housewives looking sex Norland job? The trolls start with "Mega was thrown out of Wimbledon" and it seems innocuous. They often post as a question, recollection, or a stand alone tale they read they never mention tumblr, which is the main source of the crazy.

See R This invites the crazier frau who've been lurking and the thread then quickly slides down the rabbit hole into "Mega is a stalker with international backers who has incriminating Lonely lady looking hot sex Goldsboro on the BRF so Harry had to marry her to save his family. We must save the royal family by exposing her. God is lookihg us as we fight the evil.

Personally I prefer my gossip to be logical and have a bit of credibility. There's a Housewives looking sex Norland between pointless bitchery a la "Are Kate and Big Willie frisky in bed? Not to worry, anonymous sources on tumblr have given us the proof and we will take her down.

The tumblr frauen get very intense and they Housewives looking sex Norland understand why Housewives looking sex Norland Houseewives share their illogical view. Left to Houwewives own devises they start multiple threads and Muriel takes a hard line and shutters them. Play a tiny violin for Dangling Tendrils. This BRF thread has managed to survive partly by keeping the craziest stories in check.

While R may enjoy it, some of the long time BRF posters would prefer not to entertain the trolls. I posted the photo at R because someone requested it. I had to locate it in one of the closed Dangling Tendrlis threads. I normally try to post a source or a link, but wasn't able to Housewives looking sex Norland one. I just remember at the time, it was discussed Housewives looking sex Norland on DL.

R is also trying to remember the story, which is pretty much what i remember. I have no idea what Hot Girl Hookup Edinburgh Indiana happened. Free milf xxx grantham Anna Wintour loaned her her cardigan when it began to rain in and inshe and Kate attended Se together.

So it doesn't seem like anything particularly nefarious took place. We should start a petition at Change. He needs to know! Also he needs to know we've got his back. Considerably so.

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I don't have his back, R I did at one time, but Girls looking for guys just sex longer. He's repulsive to me now. Markle got the Vanity Fair cover even before the engagement was announced? What on earth possessed them Housewives looking sex Norland profile this Deal or No Deal briefcase girl? You know, every time I start to feel sorry for this woman I have to tell myself that she created this shitstorm all by herself, and now she's getting exactly what she wanted: Gossip based upon credible info is which then sparks "pointless bitchery" is why I've always enjoyed DL Royals threads; really, all DL celebrity threads.

It's also unnecessary. The gossip and speculation based upon what is actual requires no embroidery. One can agree that the DoS is a scheming climber, whose missteps are Housewives looking sex Norland and, God bless her Housewives looking sex Norland it. She's created suspense about how she will play her cards. Some filters are necessary. Oh, and r, you've invested a lot of hatred in the DoS and it's pushed your cheese way off the cracker. Now, go ahead, name-call me. I've been flamed by Married woman want sex tonight Stafford best and you don't come close to that level.

I think Housewives looking sex Norland wife is taking advantage of his vulnerability where Diana is concerned, not that he's exploiting it. I don't think Housewives looking sex Norland smart enough to do that and I don't think he was mature enough when she died. He was only A boy. I am sure he sees his mother as only to be admired, not used. She is breathing new, albeit controversial, new life to this dreary, stogy sic family Housewives looking sex Norland.

In that way. She is a sub-standard Wallis Simpson married to an ever-more insignificant royal. When the Queen dies, Charles becomes King, William becomes the heir and William's family will become the centre of attention. Like it or not, Catherine is the new "Diana" - Mother to the future King - and it's precisely because she isn't like poor Lookiny that she has that role today. In 10 years time Meghan and Harry will be slipping into the relative insignificance that Prince Andrew and his ex wife, Sarah Ferguson, enjoy.

Harry, like Andrew is almost certainly happy to benefit from such Norrland anonymity. Meghan, like Sarah, craves the attention and will do everything she can to keep it. With one difference: Meghan is smarter than the vapid fool that is Sarah Housewives looking sex Norland. Harry will never be as insignificant as his uncles. A dead iconic heroine forever young Housewives looking sex Norland beautiful in the minds of the Norlajd.

Edward and Andrew parents did not die horrifically or young or tragic. They are not so important. Harry by virtue of Diana will always be elevated moreso than a typical 6th in line. People are invested in him emotionally. Part of the reason why MM is so unliked. But by the time he's 60 I'm afraid he'll be utterly insignficant and all those who wailed over the death of Diana will be dribbling into their soup.

R - No kidding. And farther down the DM's page is a prominent article screaming that Harry Hohsewives up a 30, bill at that notorious Vegas place where he was photographed naked playing strip poker, but owner Steve Wynnn "wiped the slate clean", with a photo of Harry in the back seat of a car looking like he's nodding out. Between the slutty photos of the now Duchess of Sussex in her hitherto unknown acting job which was a reboot of the original.

They've kept their hands off Harry, for the most part and targeted Meghan, so the resurrection of the Vegas episode and the images of spoilt privilege getting away with it, together with the unseemly images of Meghan, don't bode well. Anyone think the Queen lokking privately very angry with Theresa May and her Housewives looking sex Norland for the crisis they have lead them into on the brink of national calamity of crashing out of the EU without Lookinb deal?

The UK Parliament has never been so dysfunctional and so Houdewives a laughing stock. So basically NBC hasn't opened negotiations with Mega's people but keeps trying to float the lead balloon that she's returning for the final episode.

Sex personals wanting dating married That's one way to get publicity for the finale and any possible spinoffs. Celia McCorquedale cleaned up nicely for her wedding last summer. Back at uni she was a bit Bay shore NY bi horney housewifes a wild child who seemed to enjoy carrying things in her bra.

That left her hands free The contingent responsible for 4 seems unable to understand this, and insists that everyone except for themselves is a PR shill or lookimg.

That just encourages 3. Most people probably enjoy the fact that the thread is a little of everything. If you don't then you probably should start a forum dedicated to your pet cause and restrict membership to others who share your passion.

Is there any trend that this woman doesn't follow? Who knows what happened at Wimbledon, but it is amusing that there exists a photo of Meghan in her seat, watching Cressida Bonas leave hers.

It's probably reasonable to speculate that Meg was perhaps putting herself in the right places in order to meet Housewives looking sex Norland right people in Harry's circle, with a goal of getting to him. Housewives looking sex Norland for one would love to know the real story behind her climb. It would make for great fan ssex, at least. R - Not really. When the Queen dies and Charles takes over, there aren't going to be Housewives looking sex Norland in the streets over Queen Camilla, nobody really gives a damn anymore except hardcore fraus.

Charles's reign is going to be a "bridge" one, and those who care about this show are going to be looking toward Kate and William and their kids, who will already be coming on the public scene more. Kate and William and their kids are the future of the BRF, not Meghan and Harry and the children they are so anxious to raise away from the public eye. In twenty years, Diana will Norand been dead for half a century, Charles will be dead or doddering, and no one in Britain will have two fucks to give about Harry.

But at least Sarah understands the trappings of royalty, having been raised in the polo fields with royals ssx nobles, and being a great grandchild of peers on both sides of her family and a descendant Horny women in Fairmont, NE Charles II as Camilla and Diana.

R - The media really are a bottom feeding lot. I can just see the BRF face-palming Adult Dating Personals married no strings fun. That's all Meghan would need to seal her increasing reputation of a limelight obsessed Housewives looking sex Norland. No one seems Housewives looking sex Norland get that the long game goes to those who know that what keeps royalty alive isn't glitz and drama, but stability, continuity, the appearance of Duty To A Higher Tradition, and observance of certain memes.

It is not that Megan does not see, she does not care. The Housewives wants casual sex Thawville Illinois 60968 are a means to an end.

If she fit in, etc, no one would be talking about her. Girl did not stay with Sunshine Sachs and rope in daddio and half sis for the PR drama team to fade into the woodwork. Girl aint got time for that, she is pushing 40 and her Soho days are numbered. R It worked out better to have had her, even for Housewives looking sex Norland little, than not to have had her at all. The shit she stirred has kept them relevant. Had it been Charles and Cam from the start, can Housewives looking sex Norland imagine the hideous looking children they would have produced?

No one would care about the wife of the 6th in line because no one xex care about any of them. And poor, unfortunately nicknamed, Euge would not lookong had her spectacular wedding as payback for being leapfrogged to the altar. It would have been a quiet country wedding for her and a fire sale of the photos as was done by the Tindalls. I loved Diana, and also thought she was a major handful. My favorite line of hers, from Norlxnd of those Squidgygate tapes, was "After all I've done Housewives looking sex Norland this fucking family!

Beware of people who wield the "all I've done for you" line. Saccharine Hello mag has another Royal cover.

Midlothian Maryland Swingers Xxx

Why don't they change their name to "Hello Royals". Every week it's either Kate or Meghan on the cover. R is right! Lord knows I'm enjoying the Housewives looking sex Norland opera. It's like the time they introduced a new character on "Dynasty," one Alexis Carrington.

Apr 07,  · Winning formula! Prince Louis fuels thirst for British-made follow-on milk as Kensington Palace supplier signs a £85MILLION deal with China after winning the approval of William and Kate. [] anime school girl porn 投稿者:Dob 1acL7wqZttnMw 投稿日:/09/07(Mon) russian girls sex videos 1nqw dSW I concur with the poster upthread on restraining ourselves from ill-wishing even in sarcasm Zika on any child. Assuming that the DM has a decent source (which is never an assumption you should bet your life on) on the apartment info, this reeks of damage control, as well, much as the "we want our children to have normal lives so we are refusing titles for them" story does.

Are you saying ME! I think she thinks that slack jawed look is Housewives looking sex Norland. She looks like a moron and Housewives looking sex Norland carefully posed and lit she Girls wanting sex Grand Marais Minnesota not that attractive. Her face is kinda like a potato. R, Meghan takes after her dad more than her mom, that Markle gene is strong.

Not gonna be an attractive child. The Cambridge children are a nice balance of both parents, thanks no small part Housewives looking sex Norland Kate's side. Prince George has brown eyes which are clearly from Middleton side Kate has green-hazel eyes herself but has blond hair like William. Both Charlotte and Louis have blue eyes from William and brown hair from Kate.

They dodged the Windsor horsey face and close-set eyes genes. R - I think Charlotte is the only one of the Cambridge children with blue eyes. George and Louis have brown eyes like the Middleton side of the family. Sammy Jo Dean, surely? Alexis knew what she was doing. Sammy Jo was just good at identifying things she wanted to possess. This will be quite unpopular, but I am beginning to have sympathy for Meghan.

She has made so many missteps and apparently she doesn't understand that. I disagree that she doesn't care. I don't think anyone wants make all the mistakes she has made. Even is she is a narcissist as so many her claim, that would mean she has far too much pride to do the things she Housewives looking sex Norland done. She simply doesn't get it, I think. I guess it Married wants hot sex Ouray on how much guidance she has received.

The refusal to wear British fashion does seem quite deliberate, willful, and stupid. If she handles everything this way I have a feeling she would not be able to merch the clothes she Housewives looking sex Norland if they were British. She must be keeping Housewives looking sex Norland some business deals that she had going before, and as such is unattractively opportunistic and Housewives looking sex Norland in integrity.

I'm surprised that there have been Housewives looking sex Norland comparisons to Heather Mills. Didn't Heather alienate Sir Paul from his kids and throw water or something in some divorce attorney's face? Bean has already alienated him from his brother and I see any divorce proceedings involving her turning into a Real Housewives of Frogmore type scenario. This is all an elaborate scheme by Carole Middleton to make Kate and the family look good!

She found the trashiest American family she could and hitched them to Harry. Charles is the real father of Meghan's baby and he's going to make it king and tear down all the Diana memorials! Charles wouldn't touch that skank with William's dick. He's pretty satisfied being Camilla's tampon.

Not trying to be Housewives want real sex CA Point reyes stat 94956, but why Camilla? She wasn't as attractive as Diana. She seemed old and uninteresting. Diana was nuts and exhausting and the old narc did not want to be bothered about it.

How many people would want to have a relationship with someone so batshit that they threw themself down stairs whilst pregnant? W you seem inexperienced, shallow and dull. She understood the life and was and is apparently a piss to Housewives looking sex Norland around. Wills, heir to the throne after his father, has begun making moves to Caney-OK lonely housewife his marriage to Princess Kate.

Notes found in his office claim that "he has never known love" before meeting the former A-List, Emmy-snubbed actress who is currently his sister-in-law. He has a fondness for the once and future Kate Middleton, but he sees now that Meghan is his destiny. It was the last time the Cambridges made love, as Kate was disturbed how Wills couldn't take his Housewives looking sex Norland off the telly.

Wills seeks to annul his marriage to Kate, wiping it from the history books, and their three children Housewives looking sex Norland the line of succession. He claims he has the fondness of a friend for Kate, but wants Meghan by his side after the Queen dies and he leapfrogs Housewives looking sex Norland and the vile Camilla, who he has Seeking 420 live chat sex forgiven for replacing Saint Di. As is proper, Wills wants his and Meghan's children to inherit his throne.

The shocker, Meghan is currently three month's pregnant with their first. She's been padding her bump to conceal their affair and Amateur girls Colimas the child off as Harry's. The only problem? Harry has never been happier since he met Meghan and won't let her go so easily! Charlotte looks like her dad, minus the horsey teeth. Diana's genes weren't enough to eliminate all of the worst of the Windsor side from her and Charles' kids, but adding in the Middletons has finally done it for the generation down.

The subject of what her majesty thinks of her prime ministers is and has been a subject of legitimate speculation for years. The Queen went through the war. Brexit is just something to be seen through to her though she's a Brexiteer, Housewives looking sex Norland. So the Queen has no angry opinion on anything unless Housewives looking sex Norland worse than world war two?

Anyway its not about the fact of brexit happening but the chaotic way it is increasingly likely to be done? The Queen was very concerned apparently about unemployment in the s but now there could be a big rise in unemployment as a result of a no deal brexit Ladies seeking sex Keller Virginia tell me she's fine with it because its not as bad as world war two??

R the weak and pathetic line of argument that anyone who disagrees with me must be brainwashed!! Victoria Diana if it's a girl.

Charles Philip if a boy. I'm sure she thinks her kids will be able to get in front of William's kids. R - Which is why she got laid so oftern in her heyday and why she managed to see off a younger and far more beautiful woman. I will give credit to Camilla. In those visits to South Asia, in great heat, she conducted herself perfectly. She's, at they say, a good sport. About the Queen's views on her Prime Ministers, they've been very mixed, even though she's supposed to remain neutral. She didn't agree with Thatcher on her government's attitude towards Apartheid, for example, and celebrated the end of Apartheid.

I have no idea what her opinion is, but she did give a nice speech about trying to find common ground between Housewives looking sex Norland various political factions. For a non-political figure, the Queen well understands her political significance.

Her visit to Ireland several years ago was a moving demonstration of moving past a very tragic past. When she Housewives looking sex Norland her speech at Dublin Castle with a few words of Irish, she impressed her audience with her openness. Because of my age, I remember seeing reports on 'The Troubles' almost every night on TV, so i never expected things Housewives looking sex Norland move forward.

Look, Meghan Markle isn't interested in her AA heritage.

Housewives looking sex Norland kids will sound as traditionally royal as Meghan can make them. Diana will have to figure for a girl in some spot; then there's Nolrand Queen. That would leave one or two spots for personal indulgence. The only "name" question of any importance is whether, if it's a Hiusewives, they would saddle the Hot ladies seeking hot sex Hickory with "Diana" as a first name. Imagining Harry going down on Sparkle is grotesque.

She likely warns him not to get saliva on the bed sheets. If that is true, I can't imagine that postcolonial historians will welcome the input of a representative of the British Royal Oakland casual encounters. Decolonizing the curriculum isn't that controversial in the wider commonwealth.

Many academic institutions have been doing that. In former settler colonies line Canada and Australia this is an ongoing process. Housewives looking sex Norland extraction colonies in South Asia, Africa and the Caribbean have a stronger movement that also includes critical race studies. Mega's postcolonial subjectivity is complicated by more than Housewwives royal connection. Since she just entered Housewoves Firm and didn't grow up rich, she Housewives looking sex Norland implicated in its history the way Harry or William would be.

However, as an American she is complicated because her country has been postcolonial Salt Cheyenne sluts such a long time and its curriculum hasn't been as foreign as it has been in places like India. She is also from Nroland former settler colony so her voice is complicated further by that in a way that Margaret Atwood's would Huosewives and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's would not.

The postcolonial academics are used to complexity and infighting. She'll just be part of the fray. I think Norlan go with traditional royal first names although my main reason for thinking that is that Meghan played it so safe with her wedding dress, which suggests to oNrland that she wants to fit in. I hope they don't go with Elizabeth Houseeives it's already been used for too many of her granddaughters and great-granddaughters.

She doesn't need any more tributes - she's already the frigging Queen! Life is one long tribute to her. R - The fray Housewives looking sex Norland this that or Single parent dating tortilla flat arizona other but Meghan Markle xex now a member of the BRF who are enjoined to stay out of frays like these. We could have an entire thread about calling many of the West's greatest artists, writers, Norlahd, and philosophers "stale" and have a jolly time on it - but in terms of this thread, Meghan Markle has no business associating herself with the characterisation of Shakespeare, Yeats, Sir Isaac Newton, Housewives looking sex Norland Burke, C.

Lewis - never mind beyond British shores throughout Europe - Housewives looking sex Norland "pale and stale". Identity Housewves are doing quite enough damage without Meghan Markle taking it upon herself to add to it after one of the oldest, palest, most male-dominated institutions in the world heaped upon her a level of privilege, wealth, social status, and fame that most of pale male lokking giants never enjoyed.

He had been Hoysewives of media relations at RBS. Comparisons were made to the way Princess Diana kept her closest aides in the dark over her incendiary Panorama interview in which led to the resignation of her principal adviser. Mega sounds like an "unconventional strong-willed" client. Like R I'm interested in how she will play her cards. There is such a thing as having concern for others welfare and if you acknowledge the nuances of Norlan you'd grasp that unemployment is just one of many problems a a no deal brexit would cause.

R Cry me a river for all the long Housewivws white guys who have populated Housewives looking sex Norland curriculum and could be replaced Housewives looking sex Norland living and recently dead white guys, women, and people of colour.

Recent scholars are influenced by Noralnd long dead guys. It's not like the knowledge will be ssx. I'm sure they're all devastated that they may soon occupy a smaller section of the curriculum. Princess Margaret's son Viscount Linley is writing a book denying his mother was a chain smoking diva.

Housewives looking sex Norland - it's not just the absolute content of their work, the "knowledge", it's understanding it, mining it, exploring it. That's what will be lost. And the strategy wasn't so much "high-risk" but typically reckless, short-sighted, and poorly judged by someone incapable of any view longer than the end of her nose.

R Who said the postcolonial theorists have a mission to replace Shakespeare? It is making room for other recent voices to add to the canon. And when has art ever been devoid of Norlsnd context? I give Housewives looking sex Norland David's "The Death of Marat. Pooking is there a time limit? Say, three Housewives looking sex Norland Is it the worth of the work they did or the distance in Housesives There is a tendency in these Housewives looking sex Norland to slag off something because Mega happens to take an interest.

Mega goes to a charity and writes on a couple bananas. Some posters get on DL and start mouthing off about how the charity workers are irresponsible for handing out poor quality food to the homeless. There were comments about the fairy cakes being vaginas. How dare they Norpand out bananas? Why are they handing out sugary drinks?

Mega may or may not be interest in decolonizing the curriculum but one story seems enough to hate that work without knowing what the actual theorists loking been doing. These theorists include a diverse group of people with diverse views on the way forward.

R That was a thread post on a gossip site. It's not a peer-reviewed treatise. Don't parse every word as representative of the Housewives looking sex Norland colonial project.

Kate and William are not getting along. By and large, they do love each Housewives looking sex Norland. But there have been some rough patches recently. In fact, nothing to do with the Sussexes but more to do with three kids and no more sex.

The d-word was dropped. It was definitely not serious but it was dropped in front of a few non royals. R - Housewiives didn't say art was devoid of socio-political context, and I'll see your The Death of Marat with Guernica and and Dialogues of the Carmelites is Poulenc dead a short enough time to remain in the music curriculum?

Imposing socio-political agendas on art - which, as you well know, was a hallmark of culture in the Soviet era is the objection. R Housewives looking sex Norland That's bullshit and you know it.

They would no more be thinking of divorcing than throwing themselves off the turrets of Windsor Castle. Your "little bit of gossip" is, I think, one you've stated before on these threads, it has no legs, and no reliable source whatsoever. Art is made and understood in a socio political context. Housewuves has always been the case in Western society. Applying that lens isn't new and isn't limited to the Soviet Union. A attempt to reevaluate the canon by one group of scholars doesn't mean academia is becoming communist or fascist or that the scholars doing that reevaluation are.

The issue is more that it was thrown out Housewives looking sex Norland. My understanding is that the problems arise from very normalproblems lookimg to three kids and the sex winding down. For what it's worth, I think these are important questions and are a valid part of a postcolonial discussion on what constitutes the canon and in what courses.

R, I would actually like to read that. I know that the stories I've read about her seem over the top. Yet, her children and grandchildren seem to be among the most down-to-earth Royals.

I've always felt there was some huge disconnect. At the same time, the comment about her 'washing her own chandeliers', is absolutely bizarre. I imagine that most of us who know something about postcolonial theory aren't going to bother getting involved in this one.

Thank you lkoking for saying something sensible for the crazies to gnaw on for a while. I don't want to derail this thread, honestly. But Catholics like me pick up another name when Seeking middle Burnet or over 40 and horney undertake the sacrament of confirmation. The young person chooses that name themselves.